Month: July 2017

Philippine Eagle

The Philippine Eagle Foundation in Davao

This has to be one of the best places I also went to Davao. It’s because this was the place where I saw the Philippine Eagle for the very first time. This is after all the Philippine National bird. Also one of the most amazing raptors the country has, endemic to the archipelago and always a sight to behold when pictures cannot give justice to this magnificent bird of prey. 

CIM – Cebu Institute of Medicine

With my father, sister, and brother being doctors and graduates of this prestigious School of Medicine, there was an expectation for me to follow suit. Nevertheless, I am proud to say that they are graduates of one of the best medical schools in the Philippines and the best medical school in Cebu. Cebu Institute of Medicine or popularly known as CIM (although a lot of people refer to it as Velez as the founder is Dr. Jacinto Velez) is actually the no. 1 Med school in Cebu City. The doctors who graduate from here are recognized anywhere in the Philippines and are also internationally recognized. CIM is found at Ramos Street just beside the Cebu Velez Hospital. Already beyond its 50 years, most of the famous and skilled doctors are known to be graduate of this school. CIM is following the new style of education which is PBL or “Problem-based learning” which centers on the students’ self-learning development. The lectures of teachers are not the only source of learning and the students do small group discussion …

The Sudden Boracay Trip

“Johnn! Wake up! We’re going to Boracay!” My brother woke me up somewhere 8:30am in the morning and I was still feeling too lazy to get up. He already mentioned about it the day before but I thought it was rather peculiar that we would suddenly have tickets to Caticlan. I was really thinking my younger brother was gonna play a prank on me and so I decided to humor him. I got out of my bed, picked up my duffel bag and

Malabago Beach Resort in Asturias

One of the places my family usually goes to is the beach in Asturias Balamban: Malabago Beach Resort. The beach is just two hours ride from our place. You can pass by the Trancentral Highway to get there. The only public transportation that can get you there safely is the V-hire. I don’t recommend getting there on a huge Ceres Bus.