Month: August 2017

Indian Ringneck Parakeet

10 Things I Realized About Keeping Birds

If you noticed in my previous posts I had this 100 days of logging about keeping lovebirds. What I may not have mentioned is WHY I started keeping birds and I have an android game “Birds of Paradise” to blame. It’s basically a Farmville for bird keeping. Eventually I ended up buying a pair of African Lovebirds but it didn’t stop there. Today I have more than 30 birds at home, 8 different species, and a couple more birds coming soon because it’s breeding season. Keeping birds comes with great responsibility so I was able to pick up a few things that I’d like to share to other would-be bird keepers in the future. 1. Birds are intelligent and may surprise you if you socialize with them Especially Parrots, smaller hookbills, Crows/Ravens, and even finches, these birds are amazing and I have my fair share of escaping lovebirds, parakeets and one easily bored Green-naped Lory. One time I forgot to hook properly the door for the food entry and my Lory just lifted up the …

Island Hopping in Mactan

One of the most common activities which I often hear from visitors requesting instead of me suggesting is Island hopping. There are plenty of places to go Island hopping in Cebu but the easiest and most convenient would be in Mactan. Just less than an hour away from Cebu City, the Island of Mactan is well known as a diver’s school ground for basic diving courses, and also a favorite activity among tourists: Island Hopping. The best thing about Island hopping in Cebu is that it’s not just going from one island to another, you actually get to swim in the waters, dock on the islands and experience the natural beauty surrounding you. It’s you stepping away from the city and just experience the Islander’s life. 

Igotann Cave in Talisay

A few years ago I had the wonderful opportunity to be invited once again by the Cebu Normal University Biology Students. This time they brought me to Igotann Cave in Talisay. Igotann Cave is a wonderful place to go to if you want some risky adventure and if you want some quiet time. If you want to have one of those barkada hang outs this place is where you want to go.

Malabago Beach Asturias

One of the places my family usually goes to is the beach in Asturias Balamban: Malabago Beach Resort. The beach is just two hours ride from our place. You can pass by the Trancentral Highway to get there. The only public transportation that can get you there safely is the V-hire. I don’t recommend getting there on a huge Ceres Bus.