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Raven Nigthclub – Best Nightlife in Xiamen

Typically if one were to spend an enjoyable evening in Xiamen you’d be off to the streets of Wang Shan Lou where shopping and a whole line of food selection can be found. But as the lights start turning off, shops start closing, and the people start going home, there’s only one place you’d rather be as you party the night away: Raven Nightclub! Just point to the Conrad Building which is one of the beautiful towers that standout in a continuously growing skyscraping city of Xiamen and the taxi drivers will quickly take you there. It’s not very far from Zhong Shan Lou so it’s really a great place to be in right after your food trip or touristy walk around the shopping street. The people coming here are all in for a grand time and you can really tell the Chinese people really know how to bring out the goods! You can see a whole lot of Champagne bottles, Möet, and delicious bowls of fresh fruits served for the guests. I can also …

Green naped Lory

Introducing: The Birds of Cebu!

I’ve finally succumbed to what a lot of pet owners have been doing for the past decade: creating social media accounts for pets. In my case, since I have over 30+ birds, I’ve created a consolidated page and IG account for all of them.   It’s out of the cage time! It’s really difficult to get a shot of Charlie, Pili and Ozai in one perch! This was a lucky shot. #birdsofcebu #birdsofig #birdsofinstagram #parrotsofig #parrotsofinstagram #petsgram #instapets #instabird #parrot #indianringneck #irn #bird #pet #charlietheirn #sunconure #conuresofinstagram #rainbowlorikeet #greennapedlory #lory A post shared by Birds of Cebu (@birdsofcebu) on Sep 12, 2017 at 2:16am PDT So for those of you who are interested to see what I’m posting you can actually follow them at @birdsofcebu . The whole idea is to share some bits of information about these domesticated birds (I do not keep any wild-caught birds as an advocacy to preserve wildlife). More than just pretty pictures or colorful feathers, these birds are quite the lively flock and each of them have their own attitude …

Cebu Island, Cebu Province, and Cebu City

Did you know that Cebu City is not part of Cebu Province and the Lapu-lapu City is not part of Cebu Province or Cebu City but is part of Cebu? Confused already? Read on. For a good number of people, Cebu is basically Cebu City. Especially for those who have not really read into what Cebu has to offer, the common assumption is CEBU is Cebu City or even their neighboring cities. Well, I think it’s time to clarify exactly the division of Cebu in geographical partitions: The North, South and the Metro First off, it would be best to identify Cebu as a group of islands in Central Visayas, the biggest being the main island and 167 other islands surrounding it. So to clarify, so long as you are in CEBU islands, yes you’re in Cebu. But what about Cebu City? Well Cebu City is a city on its own and does not include the other cities like Mandaue, Talisay, and Balamban. We’ll get to those divisions further later. First thing you need to know, in …

Guillaume Nery

Guillaume Nery Freediving Workshop – What’s It Like?

I was running a bit late and was worried that the class was already heading to boat to begin their first dive of the day. Gosh of all days to be late! I can’t help it. The night before I was just so filled with excitement to finally meet Guillaume Nery, world-famous CNF (constant weight no fins) freediver! The order from my work came at the last minute that I shall be covering for the Dive Philippines social media, the Guillaume Nery Freediving Workshop for Mactan! Okay so admittedly this is not going to be about how I was a student of the workshop but I’d say I was able to get at least  a good portion of what the students might have experienced during the workshop so please do read on. Building Expectations Before the workshop even started I already had a schedule of the activities and they were pretty much the same throughout the rest of the three-day workshop. We got yoga in the morning with Julie Gartier, then some lecture first, dives, …

Cebu’s Fort San Pedro

One of Cebu’s popular tourist historical destinations is the Fort San Pedro or “Fuerza de San Pedro” located in Plaza Independencia. Today the Plaza is beautifully clean and attracts several locals who wish to frolic around the park under the old acacia trees. Fort San Pedro Cebu was initially built by Spanish and indigenous Cebuano laborers under the command of Spanish conquistador, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and the Spanish Government in Cebu. What we see today is actually an improvement of the original structure which were made of logs. General Admission for Fort San Pedro is 40php while students get a discount of 20php. The place is rich in cultural history. You can almost feel like when it was hundreds of years ago where the Spaniards newly settled in Cebu. Upon entering the main entrance of the fort you can already see the pictures of how the fort developed over the years. Looking at those old pictures made me realize that Cebu used to have a LOT of space. Apart from the education you will …

Indian Ringneck Parakeet

10 Things I Realized About Keeping Birds

If you noticed in my previous posts I had this 100 days of logging about keeping lovebirds. What I may not have mentioned is WHY I started keeping birds and I have an android game “Birds of Paradise” to blame. It’s basically a Farmville for bird keeping. Eventually I ended up buying a pair of African Lovebirds but it didn’t stop there. Today I have more than 30 birds at home, 8 different species, and a couple more birds coming soon because it’s breeding season. Keeping birds comes with great responsibility so I was able to pick up a few things that I’d like to share to other would-be bird keepers in the future. 1. Birds are intelligent and may surprise you if you socialize with them Especially Parrots, smaller hookbills, Crows/Ravens, and even finches, these birds are amazing and I have my fair share of escaping lovebirds, parakeets and one easily bored Green-naped Lory. One time I forgot to hook properly the door for the food entry and my Lory just lifted up the …

Island Hopping in Mactan

One of the most common activities which I often hear from visitors requesting instead of me suggesting is Island hopping. There are plenty of places to go Island hopping in Cebu but the easiest and most convenient would be in Mactan. Just less than an hour away from Cebu City, the Island of Mactan is well known as a diver’s school ground for basic diving courses, and also a favorite activity among tourists: Island Hopping. The best thing about Island hopping in Cebu is that it’s not just going from one island to another, you actually get to swim in the waters, dock on the islands and experience the natural beauty surrounding you. It’s you stepping away from the city and just experience the Islander’s life. 

Igotann Cave in Talisay

A few years ago I had the wonderful opportunity to be invited once again by the Cebu Normal University Biology Students. This time they brought me to Igotann Cave in Talisay. Igotann Cave is a wonderful place to go to if you want some risky adventure and if you want some quiet time. If you want to have one of those barkada hang outs this place is where you want to go.

Malabago Beach Asturias

One of the places my family usually goes to is the beach in Asturias Balamban: Malabago Beach Resort. The beach is just two hours ride from our place. You can pass by the Trancentral Highway to get there. The only public transportation that can get you there safely is the V-hire. I don’t recommend getting there on a huge Ceres Bus.

Philippine Eagle

The Philippine Eagle Foundation in Davao

This has to be one of the best places I also went to Davao. It’s because this was the place where I saw the Philippine Eagle for the very first time. This is after all the Philippine National bird. Also one of the most amazing raptors the country has, endemic to the archipelago and always a sight to behold when pictures cannot give justice to this magnificent bird of prey.