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Island Hopping in Mactan

snorkeling cebu

Under the sea! Cebu is blessed with rich marine diversity.

One of the most common activities which I often hear from visitors requesting instead of me suggesting is Island hopping. There are plenty of places to go Island hopping in Cebu but the easiest and most convenient would be in Mactan. Just less than an hour away from Cebu City, the Island of Mactan is well known as a diver’s school ground for basic diving courses, and also a favorite activity among tourists: Island Hopping. The best thing about Island hopping in Cebu is that it’s not just going from one island to another, you actually get to swim in the waters, dock on the islands and experience the natural beauty surrounding you. It’s you stepping away from the city and just experience the Islander’s life.  Read More

Igotann Cave in Talisay

Igotann Cave in Talisay

Igotann Cave Entrance

A few years ago I had the wonderful opportunity to be invited once again by the Cebu Normal University Biology Students. This time they brought me to Igotann Cave in Talisay.

Igotann Cave is a wonderful place to go to if you want some risky adventure and if you want some quiet time. If you want to have one of those barkada hang outs this place is where you want to go. Read More

Malabago Beach Asturias

  1. <img class=”size-full wp-image-1567″ title=”IMG_5288″ src=”” alt=”Malabago Beach Resort” width=”500″ height=”333″ /> Malabago Beach Resort

One of the places my family usually goes to is the beach in Asturias Balamban: Malabago Beach Resort. The beach is just two hours ride from our place. You can pass by the Trancentral Highway to get there.

The only public transportation that can get you there safely is the V-hire. I don’t recommend getting there on a huge Ceres Bus. Read More

The Philippine Eagle Foundation in Davao

Philippine Eagle

The Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi)

This has to be one of the best places I also went to Davao. It’s because this was the place where I saw the Philippine Eagle for the very first time. This is after all the Philippine National bird. Also one of the most amazing raptors the country has, endemic to the archipelago and always a sight to behold when pictures cannot give justice to this magnificent bird of prey.  Read More

CIM – Cebu Institute of Medicine

CIM on their marker

With my father, sister, and brother being doctors and graduates of this prestigious School of Medicine, there was an expectation for me to follow suit. Nevertheless, I am proud to say that they are graduates of one of the best medical schools in the Philippines and the best medical school in Cebu.

Cebu Institute of Medicine or popularly known as CIM (although a lot of people refer to it as Velez as the founder is Dr. Jacinto Velez) is actually the no. 1 Med school in Cebu City. The doctors who graduate from here are recognized anywhere in the Philippines and are also internationally recognized.

Somehow the students prefer the brick ground than the cemented area.

CIM is found at Ramos Street just beside the Cebu Velez Hospital. Already beyond its 50 years, most of the famous and skilled doctors are known to be graduate of this school.

Landscaping the once dry and empty area.

CIM is following the new style of education which is PBL or “Problem-based learning” which centers on the students’ self-learning development. The lectures of teachers are not the only source of learning and the students do small group discussion that encourages the students to do critical thinking.

Project of the Synergists of CIM

My father said that CIM is very difficult that even one of his foreigner classmates said that “he nearly died there”. Now with CIM following this new style of education, students will experience an even more challenging style of learning. I’ll be honest and say to get in this school is hard and to survive and finish it is even harder. I don’t need to see my Achi (elder sister) and Ahia (elder brother) go through 5 years of several sleepless nights to know that this school can really stress you out but then the result of the hard work is priceless. When you finish CIM you become a world class Doctor. There’s just that sense of awe when you hear someone say “hey! You’re from CIM!”.

At the entrance of Cebu Institute of Medicine

The pictures I showed there is a project of the Synergists Batch (my dad’s batch). To those interested to go in CIM all you have to do is take the NMAT (National Medical Admission Test). You will be qualified if you have finished any four year college course. Then there is the interview which can make or break your admission into CIM.

To those who would like to be in CIM one day I would like to quote the words of the Dr. Poblete: “Here in CIM you study medicine, you drink medicine, you sleep medicine, and you dream medicine..”

I once took this road towards the vocation of a doctor but I did not see this to be my future and I have since left this path without regret. It was however, a very enriching experience that will give me lessons to last a lifetime.

Good luck to all future doctors!

The Sudden Boracay Trip

Boracay Beach

Boracay: One of the most beautiful islands of the Philippines

“Johnn! Wake up! We’re going to Boracay!”

My brother woke me up somewhere 8:30am in the morning and I was still feeling too lazy to get up. He already mentioned about it the day before but I thought it was rather peculiar that we would suddenly have tickets to Caticlan. I was really thinking my younger brother was gonna play a prank on me and so I decided to humor him. I got out of my bed, picked up my duffel bag and Read More

Whale Sharks in Cebu: Majestic Marine Wonders

Oslob Whale Shark

A photobombing Whale Shark as I was about to Surface


Three hours south of Cebu, the humble municipality of Oslob started gaining popularity because of the famous gentle giants once more popurly seen in Donsol, Sorsogon: The Whale Shark (Rhyncodon typus). Our whole family decided to finally see this majestic creature of the sea despite my earlier apprehensions of how Read More

MINISO: Muji + Uniqlo + Daiso

Tai Ping Street

While in Chang Sha, China, I had to opportunity to take an evening stroll in one of their famous shopping streets: 太平街 Tai Ping Street. There were many stores that lined this small street and this was very reminiscent of my high-school days when I went for China study tours and visited shopping streets much like this one.

I came across a very brightly-lit store that first caught my attention and strongly reminded of what Uniqlo would look like. In fact the logo of the store felt similar to Uniqlo. With curiosity set, I head over to the store and check what they have to sell.

Going in, I find out that they have a lot of interesting items which make for very good gifts or even useful stuff which you can buy for yourself. Among the items would be bluetooth speakers, pillows, earphones, lotions, and even baby products.


What I found interesting with the products sold is that it felt all very minimalist. There were no fancy designs and these felt like items you could layout on a table for a hipster minimalist shot. Flat and solid colours dominated the items and like Muji they sell household items for organizing. The biggest differentiator from Muji? Price.

Tai Ping Street


Although places like Daiso fit a very fixed pricing scheme but the affordability of these items makes it feel like this is a thrift store. Their prices are practical for what seems to be very good quality products.

Miniso China


Made in Japan

If there is any common ground for all the three brand names that I pointed out, they are all from Japan and so is Miniso! It must explain the whole feel and consistency of the products minus the expensive prices of Muji. Something like Muji would not survive in Cebu.

Finally, if you did notice I actually chose those three brands because they coincidentally can form the name Miniso: MujI-uNIqlo-daiSO. But frankly I would easily say as well that this is like a much more beautiful version of CD-R King. I wonder if CD-R King would be strong enough to become a mall someday?

Oh well, I just do hope Miniso will open their doors to Cebu although I’ve heard they’re open in other parts of the Philippines.

Lovebird Bird Log Day 51 onwards

Day 54, April 18, 2017 Tuesday

  • I haven’t been sleeping in the house lately because I needed to stay in the city due to some family business concerns. So when I got home I took every opportunity I could to really clean up the cage so that Bonnie and Clyde will have a comfortable home even while I’m gone.
  • Bugging Bonnie to leave the nest box I took a quick peek not really expecting much and then I started getting goosebumps….. AN EGG!! MY FIRST EGG EVER!! (okay technically Bonnie’s) And here I thought I could never breed anything aside from dogs!
  • AVICULTURE 101: Once a month it would be good to wash with soap the bottom tray to avoid bacterial proliferation and growth. Also bird poop attracts  ants.

Day 58, April 22, 2017 Saturday

  • Finally back home and haven’t checked on the nest box for the past few days so I’m excited to see if Bonnie laid a few more eggs because I know they can lay but to 5 eggs. However you can imagine my disappointment when I saw only 2 eggs. 🙁 Oh well, the books did say they lay 2-5 eggs. I can’t help but feel like I must have done something wrong or lacked in providing nutrition that might have caused Bonnie to lay only a few eggs 🙁

Day 59, April 23, 2017 Sunday

  • Routine check and just when I thought that she’s done with laying eggs (it’s now 6 days since the first egg was laid) and WOW! Three eggs! Maybe Bonnie is not yet done laying eggs just yet. 🙂 Can’t wait to check on them again in the next few days. I do hope all five eggs come out

Day 62, April 26, 2017 Wednesday

  • Four eggs! It’s still adding up! Just when I thought we’re done Bonnie still adds one more! Woohoo!

Day 64, April 28, 2017 Friday

  • Awhile back I was able to read somewhere that one of the signs of females about lay eggs is when you can see that them making one huge dump. Like something you know a normal lovebird wouldn’t do. Peeking into the cage I saw exactly that: ONE HUGE DUMP. So when I peeked into the nest box It was a delight to see 5 eggs! YES! She did very well! 5 eggs total!
  • Now comes the hard part, hoping all 5 eggs will hatch. It has been 10 days since I saw the first egg. I will guess that within 15-20 more days the eggs will start hatching.
  • Also did egg candling, 4 out of 5 are sure fertile, the 5th one I think is the newly laid one, will check this one in the coming week.
  • Got home to the news that Clyde flew away…


Day 79, May 13, 2017 Saturday

First hatch

Day 80, May 14, 2017 Sunday

Second hatch

Day 82, May 16, 2017 Tuesday

Third Hatch

Day 84, May 18, 2017 Thursday

Fourth Hatch