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Lovebird BIRD Log Day 46-50

Day 46, April 10, 2017 Monday

  • I’m finally able to check on my birds properly! I didn’t want to wake them up last night so I checked on the nest box in this morning. Result? No eggs 🙁
  • Even if there were no eggs I’m just glad that the babysitter was able to keep them healthy, hydrated and happy. I can see that they definitely got busy with the nesting as it’s very clear with the dry strips of palm leaves or at least what’s left of them.
  • The large container of Fertivit is nearly consumed so the water container is definitely good for one week.

Day 47, April 11, 2017 Tuesday

  • To encourage more nesting activities I have added more palm leaves into the cage. I also added some more Moringa more for feeding rather than nesting. I do hope I get some eggs very soon. Counting the days going by makes me feel like it’s taking so long for them to breed. Somehow I kinda want to quit logging daily.
  • They really are serious about the nesting activities because when I peered into the bird cam there was no more leaves left on the cage floor! They’ve stuffed it all in the box!

DAY 48, April 12, 2017 Wednesday

  • Okay, a few days have passed by and although I quite missed Bonnie and Clyde, their activities have become routine to me. I feed them, change the water, and check on the nest box. Sometimes I wonder if I’m even doing this right.
  • Nothing too different to note. Bonnie and Clyde are still active and the nesting material still rests in the box. I should be happy that everything is indeed very normal as opposed to being problematic.

DAY 49, April 13, 2017 Thursday

  • Remember when I bought some fertivit and placed it in the water container? Well I don’t like storing them in the big container because this really stinks (like something out from a dirty comfort room). So I opted to replace the water feeder with the smaller one (my orange ones) so I’d expect these to be consumed quickly so I can replace the fertivit water regularly so the old one doesn’t stay too long.
  • There’s a bit of a problem though, I suspect that they’re not drinking from the small container. Maybe it’s a familiarity issue sort of like how parrots get scared of new home decors.

DAY 50, April 14, 2017 Friday

  • Oh gosh! Just when I thought that they were drinking from the fertivit water, I checked again and saw that black ants are all over the water container! The ants have finished the water in a matter of a day. I should’ve used some bug spray or ant chalk. I remember how some chicks die because red ants end up eating them.
  • After I’ve cleared them off I decided to spray the base of the cage stand as well as the wire connecting from the bird cam to the outlet. The ants were pasing through this route. Perhaps if I had finches, these ants would’ve become food.

Lovebird BIRD Log Day 41-45

Day 41, April 5, 2017 Wednesday

  • The cold weather here in China made it impossible for me to see anyone keeping birds (save for that one shop that had a very cramped up small cage with a crested myna inside). I wonder how my birds are doing.
  • The quick video view at night revealed that like most nights, Bonnie and Clyde spend it safely in the nest box. My fear of predators doing anything to them is much lesser because they are safely tucked inside.
  • The video reveals a small ribbon tying the cage doors down, Ate Jel is smart and cautious for my dear lovebirds. I sleep assured.

Day 42, April 6, 2017 Thursday

  • This is the first time I got to get a good observation of my birds and I can’t help but ask the same question that I continue to ask since day 1: “Are there eggs?” I can only guess.
  • I do see a lot of seed husks on the floor so I’ll guess that Bonnie and Clyde are getting a lot of food. The water dispenser is also half empty so I would like to believe that it’s also being consumed.
  • The newspaper layering the floor looks like it’s wet. Hmm, rain in Cebu despite the summer time. I was expecting it would be much warmer before we left Cebu.
  • One last good look I see that Bonnie is just at the entrance of the nest box, nipping at a strand of the palm leaves I left with them before I flew off. Bonnie seems like a good candidate for a mother. I do hope she already is one by the time I’m back.

Day 43, April 7, 2017 Friday

  • Some observations I made while looking at the surveillance is that Bonnie is frequently entering the nest box, far more frequent than she did before. Normally when I do random checking of the surveillance I would see them preening and grooming each other. This change of habits seem to be implying something.
  • Tomorrow I’m going to be meeting my uncle and hopefully we’ll get to discuss about Aviculture. Just an idea: who in the Philippines is responsible for initiation of captive breeding for population restoration of certain species? I envy the conservation and restoration that was done for the Bali Mynah and Bald Eagle.

Day 44, April 8, 2017 Saturday

  • Tomorrow I shall finally go home. I’m missing my birds dearly (even if they don’t miss me at all) and I happily chatter with some friends about how my birds are easily viewable through a real-time camera I installed in their cage. Just when I was going to show the stream to them I capture the video just in time for their copulation! This is the first time I have recorded footage of my birds ever copulating!
  • Okay I know I shouldn’t be too excited about this because there’s still a chance that the egg laying won’t happen immediately and if it does happen, it’s not guaranteed that it will be fertile. Nevertheless, it’s finally happening! Almost 50 days into the keeping of this avian couple and I’m seeing signs of breeding. Yey!

Day 45, April 9, 2017 Sunday

  • Though I won’t be home till much later in the evening, I’m still very very excited to check on the nest box and see if there are eggs already.
  • The footages show both Bonnie and Clyde actively coming in and out of the nest box while chewing on whatever remained of the palm leaves I initially placed in the cage.
  • Also, this will be my first observation of such but I saw that my dear Bonnie was chewing on the cuttlebone! The breeding signs continue to show. This will be one interesting summer. Should I hold off purchase of an un-weaned chick and await the birth of my first clutch? We shall see.

Lovebird BIRD Log Day 36-40

Day 36, March 31, 2017 Friday

  • The sun is starting to shed  light across the outdoor and somehow my birds are now in foraging mode as they leave the nest box. Quite simply I just add a scoop of the bird mix into the food bowl and as soon as I leave they’re already feeding on it.
  • I checked their cuttlebone and looks like I see a chunk chewed off! Is it possible that egg laying will be happening soon? I most certainly hope so.


Day 37, April 1, 2017 Saturday

  • Today is going to be the firs bird show I have ever attended. Though I’m not too keen on competitive and selective breeding of birds to yield desired mutations but you gotta admire the knowledge and expertise in genetics to be able to gain certain outputs.
  • Also present were some big birds like Cockatoos and Eclecti (which were up for raffle but I didn’t win). The Sulfur-crested cockatioo was extremely fond of being scratched, all the more makes me want to buy a cockatoo in the near future.
  • Andro’s shop also had a free-flighted African Lovebird. Just free, no ties, no cages, just free to fly! All the more I’ve become hungry for a freeflighted companion. Sigh, the freedom of birds unrestricted.
  • Guess what else was shown: Fancy Pigeons! Pigeons being one of my favorite birds, it was interesting to see all these new varieties that I’ve never seen before. I never knew that the fantails were short fliers and were not going to fly too far.  Who knows, if I had my own garden or lawn, I would prolly have some of these fancy pigeons there.
  • The community event was interesting, it’s nice to connect with like-minded people. I am once more reminded that this craft is not limited to certain types of people. The community showed all folks from all walks of life who are interested in birds.


Day 38, April 2, 2017 Sunday

  • I’m flying out today and I’ll be gone for a whole week. With a few hours left I make for whatever time I can have  to spend with my birds.
  • For the first time since I got Bonnie and Clyde, I washed the tray with soap water and also cleaned the cage of stray debris. I lined up the tray with fresh newspaper. It looks a lot cleaner.
  • Since I bought a new food tray, one with a semi-cover on them to prevent seeds falling off into wastage. The food bowl will have to be set aside for now.
  • The expired “fertivit” that I bought was actually a little bit too much for my birds 0__0 the 7G pack was good for more than 10L of vitamin-infused water. Let’s see if this will actually help in the breeding. If I do get them to breed this will be the first time I’ve ever bred birds in my whole life (not counting chickens).


Day 39, April 3, 2017 Monday

  • The internet does not seem to be cooperating with me and I’m unable to see my lovebirds. AVICULTURE 101: If you leave your birds with a birdsitter make sure that birdsitter is aware of all important and small details; don’t assume they know what you know.
  • Tonight I sleep at ease knowing that my birds won’t starve because someone is watching over them while I’m gone.


Day 40, April 4, 2017 Tuesday

  • It’s only now that I get to see my birds again via video. They are fine and quite healthy. It was a struggle at first because I thought it was an issue with my camera back at home. Apparently it was my VPN getting in the way of my access in the camera server.
  • They’re alive, fine, and quite well-fed. Even then I see the old food bowl being used. My new ones were not used because Ate Jel might have thought it was only secured on the side of the cage and cannot be moved.
  • The cuttlebone seems to have moved from its original position, I know they play around or push it around but I have yet to see a clip of them actually doing that.

Lovebird BIRD Log Day 31-35

Day 31, March 26, 2017 Sunday

  • Okay, I didn’t get to log this yesterday but last Saturday I ALMOST made an impulse buy. If there is one way to stimulate your temptations, Facebook Videos is definitely the best way. After watching some videos of freeflighted cockatiels I head down to the online community and search up whatever available chick there was. Thankfully the responsible breeder told me to be patient and just consider purchase when I’m ready to commit and not when I have a 7 day trip out of the country coming up.
  • AVICULTURE 101: Buy from a breeder and not just from a pet shop, and if you do buy from a pet shop make sure they have carefully considered their breeder suppliers.
  • My temptation tamed, I’m only a week away from my out of the country trip. I need to make preparations.



Day 32, March 27, 2017 Monday


  • Biggest discovery of the week! Apparently we have the moringa plant at our backyard and all along I kept thinking I need to go to the supermarket to buy them. I’m kind of worried because the nesting activity seemed to have stopped. I no longer see them trying to stuff any of the old strips of plant into the nest box.
  • Initially I tried placing some petchay and they didn’t touch it AT ALL. Okay, definitely not a preferred vegetable. I think I need to explore with other vegetables or even fruits. I tried to place a banana before but they ignored it as well. These birds are damn picky!
  • They noticed the moringa branches I’ve placed but I don’t think they’re touching it yet.
  • Just when I thought summer was going to begin because of the extremely hot weather lately, rain and coldness invades the days! So far I see them cuddling up and sleeping in the nest box so I think that’s kind of helping them manage the heat or cold.




Day 33, March 28, 2017 Tuesday

  • When I transferred the cage to the outdoors, specifically at the Lanai, I thought it would be a good idea to place the camera at the bottom. I was quick to realize that the placement on the upper part of the cage provided a much more visible angle. I will have to rely on reflections to see the blind spots.
  • I did an initially clearing of the poop tray but I haven’t really changed the paper lining. I think this will be done just a day before my week-long trip out of the country.
  • Somehow I think I should have a different kind of seed container for feeding because I feel like I see so much uneaten seeds. I don’t know if it’s because they get blown out when they fly around or is it because Bonnie and Clyde are just messy eaters.



Day 34, March 29, 2017 Wednesday

  • I have always been thinking that adding Moringa twigs and leaves would help with the nesting and hopefully breeding. However it came into my head that I think I can possibly add some new stuff inside….but what?
  • After trying I finally decided to add some palm leaves. The general idea is, I’ve seen parrot species (cockatiels, budgeriars and other hookbills) easily drawn to palms and palm leaves. Let’s see where this goes.
  • After reading something in the community facebook group about a pair of Macaws taking six years before they finally laid an egg, I’ve come to accept that I might not have a breeding pair anytime soon. This truly is  game of patience and commitment. I will admit though I can’t help but wonder if I’m a bad pet owner because they haven’t bred yet 🙁




Day 35, March 30, 2017 Thursday

  • I see some bird seed mix still in the bowl but there’s a whole bunch of sunflower seeds that are spread on the bottom tray. I think I should place some kind of solid plane that will have the sunflower seeds land on them when the couple are trying to chew on them. I don’t think they’re intentionally throwing it on the tray.
  • A little observation before I left the house, I see the two (Both of them), trying to stuff in the palm leaves into the nest box! The choice of leaves was right 😀 Also, I think they do enjoy chewing it up.
  • In the afternoon when I got back, I see that all sunflower seeds have been eaten. I was right. They were not intentionally throwing it out.
  • The water feeder is working just fine and after a week I’m finally refilling the water, they’ve consumed it all. I think I should start adding vitamins, I wonder what vitamins I can add to the water feeder.

Lovebird BIRD Log Day 26-30

DAY 26, Mar 21, 2017 Tuesday

  • Almost 10 days since I last cleaned their poop tray, you see bird keepers, you have to have commitment and daily check on your birds if you are going to be taking care of them. Birds are not the neatest of pets when it comes to poop and although there are mentions of potty-trained birds, I have never actually seen a potty-trained birds. They will poop most frequently at where the perches will be located. They will poop in your nestbox, heck they will even poop in your food bowl! So constant cleaning is a must.
  • Truth be told, this is a chore but it’s the kind of chore that feels satisfying right after you see a completely fresh looking environment. Thankfully now that I’m located closer to the garden, I don’t need to throw dirt and other stuff to the trashcan, I can throw it directly into the garden where other birds can feed on the leftover seeds which fall off the food bowl (seriously these birds are wasteful or maybe I need a deeper food bowl?)
  • What happens when your birds still don’t lay eggs? You become impatient. You might even consider buying more birds. Trust me when that desire to buy more birds come? Don’t give in. Trust me, it’s like shopping more to solve your anxiety from incurring debt on your credit card from–you guessed it– shopping.
  • Didn’t bother them anymore, after a quick check, they’re back in their nest box and back to sleeping.




Day 27, Mar 22, 2017 Wednesday

  • I think I kind of messed up their body clock. Because they’re now located in the study room, with the aim to have them become familiar with my presence, they get exposed to light so early in the morning when I need to work in the wee hours of the morning, let’s say 2am in the morning.
  • When I turned on the lights they were supposedly still resting but I’m guessing the presence of light really coaxed them to get up and stretching. Interesting thing about birds, when they step out of their resting state you will see them stretch their wings to the back, stretch to the sides and finally ruffle themselves up. After a flurry of these activities, they are off to whatever they want to do.
  • I think that their frequent grooming and active curiosity around the cage means they’re not (yet) bored and depressed. When keeping psittacine species, one has to constantly ask, “How can I keep these very smart avian friends busy and interested?” They are not your typical ibrd that sits around the whole day and do nothing, they are smart and curious and you gotta keep them stimulated. Also, it’s a good excuse to shop for bird toys for them. Yeah, I just wanna buy them more toys. So this is what a parent feels like.



Day 28, Mar 23, 2017 Thursday


  • I bought a bird cage. Yes, I had no reason at all to buy a bird cage, but I did. I could reason out that it was a bargain deal with the price and the size of the cage, a medium-szied breeding cage. But let’s face it, the temptation to buy another bird is now getting stronger. I’ve recently seen some seller in our community possibly open to selling his cockatiels at a rather low price: 1,000php and this got me now all curious about pursuing the purchase.
  • The thing about keeping bird is that when you do start keeping a sweet little feathered friend, you will often think about what else you can buy for them and since bird toys and treats are not expensive it’s a very subtle addiction that can possibly go out of control.
  • I’m thinking of possibly transferring them to a smaller cage but I feel that they’re so comfortable with this double breeding cage which they are in right now. Sigh, I wish I had my aviary again, I think they’d appreciate it a lot if I had one.



Day 29, Mar 24, 2017 Friday

  • The  day started quite early so a quick clean-up of their food bowl and refilling it before I was on my way for work.
  • Ever since I transferred the cage to the library, I wasn’t able to spray some insecticide on the floor around the cage so I’m seeing a lot of black ants feeding on their droppings. Hehe, spraying around the cage floor feels like doing some kind of protective spell to ward of unwanted beings. I’m watching too much “The Magicians”.
  • AVICULTURE 101: It helps to have a bug spray on hand, ants and other unwanted insects can prove to be a problem for birds especially when they start having chicks. Ants CAN KILL chicks.
  • It’s close to 30 days of keeping these birds, I think tomorrow I need to find them some names or they’ll forever just be ornaments in the house. I want them to be more family than display.



Day 30, Mar 25, 2017 Saturday

  • Today is arguably one of the hottest day so far. Since mom had visitors over the house so I was forced to place the bird cage outdoor, specifically at the lanai of the house just close to the router so that I can still monitor them despite being outdoors. I will admit I’m quite scared because this will be the first time that I will have them outdoors ever since I procured my babies.
  • At the top of my head the first thing I feared is accidental escape, but of course I’ve learned that this can only come as a fault that is mine alone and no one else’s fault. So long as I don’t leave any opening carelessly left open then there’s no problem.
  • The second thing that worries me is predation. I don’t know what possible predators that may be out there that just might try to feed on my birds. Cats? (yes we have cats around, from around the neighborhood) Rats? (field rats not them city rats) Snakes? (I’ve seen some around, we live on a mountain) I’ll have to trust their use of the nestbox as a safe haven when these predators do anything to endanger them.

Lovebird BIRD Log Day 21-25

DAY 21, Mar 16, 2017 THURSDAY

  • The birds are still quite scared of my presence. This is getting really hard for me because I have this distorted expectation of birds being interactive with me. Well I can’t blame them, I haven’t had the opportunity to really stay with them and get them used to my presence. I can’t put them in the office either because they’re quite loud.
  • I pretty much gave up with my bird cam. I can’t blame it though because our router range is very weak. (default router from PLDT, our internet service provider). Because of this I’m considering moving them to the other office where there’s an outdoor space. My fear is still with cats and rats which is a real problem here in Cebu.
  • Future bird keepers out there? Don’t expect bird keeping to be as fantastic as you’ve got it imagined in your head. Bird keeping isn’t like Snow white with the animals of the forest. You are dealing with a species that is not human and you have to stop humanizing them. They are birds and you gotta give them the treatment that birds deserve. I think I’m writing this more for myself as a reminder.



DAY 22, Mar 17, 2017 FRIDAY

  • There’s a lot of things ongoing in Instagram right now that makes me tempted to buy new birds. Is it my impatience in my current pair of lovebirds. Is my lack of detachment and focus on my current pair also possibly due to my lack of names for this pair? Should I “Humanize” my birds so that they become more meaningful to me? Oh but the power of names.
  • Freeflight is also what I want to give to these birds but somehow bird training old practices still seem to show up in my feeds. It clearly shows that for birds that are old and untamed, the only way to do this is to clip their wings. Somehow clipped-wings really break my heart 🙁
  • I tried to stay a bit in my bed while watching them from afar and it doesn’t really take too long for them to get used to my presence. I just need more time with them.. Sigh.. Time.
  • The female started carrying some of the fresh vegetation I added to the cage. It was cute to see her try to drag the whole stalk with leaves and all and she really struggled with it. Daddy bird just kept playing with the beaded rainbow bird toy. Woot! They DO play with the toys! Haven’t seen them play with the colorful rings though.


DAY 23, Mar 18, 2017 Saturday

  • I couldn’t stand not having real time access of my birds so I moved their cage to where the router is nearby: the library.
  • The family library is also where I’m mostly stationed at so I think this will mean more time spent with them. Hopefully this will be the opportunity to build the much needed familiarity they need to have with me.
  • Scanning around the bird cam, the female is still active on getting her nesting fixed up while the male one keeps playing around with the colored beads. What is interesting though is how the water dispenser’s content is receding but I’ve never really seen them drink from it. Hmm, is it evaporating or are they really drinking from it? I’m going to guess that placing the water dispenser just beside the perch has somehow helped them get to it easily. Maybe I should’ve chosen one that is more colorful than just white so that they can actually be curious enough to check it out.
  • The cage looks pretty messy with all the vegetation and I’m still not back until Monday. Can’t wait to clean up everything when I’m back.


DAY 24, Mar 19, 2017 Sunday

  • Every now and then I can’t help but wonder how my birds are doing. The weather is colder now but I’m quite confident that they’re fine because they are just indoors but heck, I still worry because it’ll be three days already that I’m not able to be there.
  • Getting a quick glimpse of the bird cam, thankfully footage is not a problem because of the much stronger internet connection, I got to see them still doing their own thing. However every now and then they seem to get scared or startled and I think this is probably because of possible human elements passing around but maybe also because I didn’t mute the audio alert every time the camera starts streaming.
  • I wonder if there was some kind of automatic feeder for birds that can be controlled through IP control?  That’d be an interesting hardware, you know sort of like what they have with aquariums.
  • One more night and I’m back to seeing my birds again!


DAY 25, Mar 20, 2017 Monday

  • Today’s a rainy day and there’s one advantage to having your birds indoor, the cold won’t bother them anyway! I’m still driving back to the city from the company outing and I don’t think I’ll be back in the house until the evening because of work obligations.
  • Finally home! First thing to check? The birds!
  • Upon checking apparently someone has been feeding them as well, I can tell because you don’t have a lot of fresh new seeds in the bowl after 3 days of not feeding them, although I did fill the bowl good for three days food. I think the help at home somehow took initiative. (Yes I know I should’ve properly endorsed the feeding instead of leaving it be 🙁 )
  • Still no eggs in the nest box but the two are really quite affectionate with each other. Is the summer weather hopefully going to encourage them into breeding?
  • I see a few more videos of freeflighted birds, I will admit my envy and strong desire to raise birds for freeflight. It’s amazing how more people are capable of doing this. It was only around 20 years ago that free flighting was limited to only certain birds and that only a handful had the skill to do so.

Lovebird BIRD LOG Day 16-20

DAY 16, Mar 11,2017 SATURDAY

  • I attempted placing a “toy” in their cage which really was a wooden beads bracelet. After watching a couple of times from the bird cam it seem like that they were still more interested with the colorful paper clip which I used as a wire hanger for the DIY water container I made. It looks like colour matters for them after all.
  • Yesterday I didn’t see any poop land on that floor guard that I made but today after check I saw about two poop marks which proves that the floor guard is indeed effective!
  • Peering into the bird cam also showed them bringing in more nesting material. Compared to before, I found that the nesting material seems to be lined better in their nestbox bottom, I guess it’s important to always provide them with new nesting material options to play around with instead of just leaving them with the existing ones. The cam showed me the female busily chewing on the stalk while sticking out of the nest box. Still haven’t seen her actually do the mounting of nesting material on her rump.
  • Although they are actively preening each other and I did see the cuttlebone being chewed off a little, I still have not seen them actually mate (this sounds so wrong) so until then I can’t really expect any eggs to be well on their way.


DAY 17, Mar 12, 2017 SUNDAY

  • This is my first time to sleep or rather, stay in bed instead of leaving the house before the sun rises and I think this might be agitating the birds. I mean come on guys, we’re nearing 20 days of getting to know each other and you still find my presence annoying/threatening?
  • I’m not sure if they are just vocalising or are anxious because I’m around but they were REALLY noisy today.
  • It might also be a factor that I turned the cage poistion around to make the camera face along the direction of the window light. When they stepped out of their nest box they were really going crazy and jumping from one end of the cage to the other.
  • Almost 10 days since the last poop tray clean-up, I finally cleared the poop tray and changed the lining. The whole taping the papers together makes the clean-up easier. Removed as well all the stripped-off plants so that I can start giving them fresh plants to tear up and make into nesting. AVICULTURE 101: If you want them to poop on a concentrated area in the cage, situate the perch there.




DAY 18, Mar 13, 2017 MONDAY

  • I won’t lie. Things are getting pretty redundant. It’s basically becoming a routine. I’m not entirely sure if I can keep up with doing this bird log until the 100th day but meh, we gotta try anyway. The boredom comes mostly from:
    • Not being able to train the birds because I want them to focus on breeding
    • Not being able to give them freeflight time because I can’t calmly return them to their cage or coax them with food to return to their cage
    • Not seeing any progress in egg-laying
  • Checking the bird cam gets me to see them preening each other, the usual stuff. I do get to see the female bringing the strips of the vegetation in and out of the nestbox. She’s the only one really working stuff out.
  • Tried to leave a cracker in their food bowl, they don’t seem to be interested, these birds are really picky huh.
  • Coming home quite late, once again I don’t see them in their cage, all settled in the nest-box for the night.
  • The nights are becoming warmer, I wonder if this will encourage them to breed now?
  • Quite interestingly so, a raffle in the local community was tempting me to put in a lot of entries to win that exotic bird. AVICULTURE 101: the  temptation to keep adding to your bird family is strong. RESIST that temptation unless you can commit to care for new addition avian members. I still placed an entry, but this time for the sake of camaraderie rather than intent to win. (If I really intended to win, I would’ve paid for 1/2 of the slot)



DAY 19, Mar 14, 2017 TUESDAY

  • For tonight I will be spending it in my grandmother’s house to watch over her while my cousins are out on a trip. This means double the feeding dosage in their food bowl.
  • It has been discouraging to see them fly in panic or hide in the nestbox whenever I try to peer in the cage. I blame myself though during those “freeflight” moments. Once again impatience will push me back to square one.
  • Also, found out that the loud screeches and clicking sounds, it wasn’t because of my presence in the room, confirmed via bird cam that this happens in between 630am to 730am as part of their daily vocalisation.
  • Passed by local pet store to buy some toys for my birds. Yes yes I succumbed. I think I wanted to make the cage look more…animated rather than just perches and vegetation. Lame excuse but I also want to give them toys to play with.
  • Since I’m not coming home until tomorrow, these toys won’t be installed until the next day.
  • Checking on the bird cam, they’re probably in the nest box, I don’t see them within range of view.


DAY 20, Mar 15, 2017 WEDNESDAY

  • That’s exactly 20 days since I started keeping birds again. What have I learned so far? Well, that patience is an important virtue in this craft. You can’t compare bird keeping in real-life to bird keeping in computer games. Instant gratification does not exist here. Also that hoarding is a real problem and can possibly exist after you have had your first taste of bird keeping. There are a lot of bird keepers, especially if collection is their main objective, that tend to hoard. I’m afraid that temptation grows stronger every time I see a good “deal” when someone wants to sell their birds.
  • The fear I see in my birds is a result of the lack of contact and exposure to human presence. They are always locked up in my room with only my bird cam seeing them. Should I move them to a more human populated area? Maybe. I’ll think about it. The love birds I saw in a local pet shop showed that they did not fear humans in close proximity, it shows that they are acclimatized to such situation as opposed to my own lovebirds.
  • Consistency and timing is really the only way to instill a certain positive behaviour in birds. Don’t insist, don’t be impatient.
  • Oh look! The cuttlebone got really chewed up, is this a sign? Please let it be a sign 🙁
  • So much for patience.

Lovebird BIRD Day Log 11-15

DAY 11, Mar 6, 2017 MONDAY

  • Still hopeful everyday, I did my check and tried to see if there are any eggs laid. Still none.
  • I noticed that over the weekend, the new water dispenser I bought for them did not seem to lose any water content aside from the evaporation. This looks like an experiment opportunity to see if they would rather drink from the DIY water container I made for them. I removed that container and just left the water dispenser. Note that I’ve mounted across their swing perch, just at its level so that it’s within their line of vision.
  • The fact that their nesting material was removed from their nestbox, I got really bothered. After a few readings I found out that adding of freshly chewed strips of stalks was actually for humidity controlling! Brilliant birds! They were making the nestbox conditions more to their liking! This is new information for me.
  • After learning about their humidity controlling activities, I decided to stock up fresh moringa stalks and leaves for them to chew on.
  • I was also able to read somewhere that the nestbox  opening has to have some kind of perch they can go to just before they enter so I readjusted their immobile perch and mounted it sideways so that it stretches from the nestbox opening to the side of the cage. I think they preferred this because they comfortably move from one end to another of the cage now with ease in entering the nestbox. They walk through the perch insead of flying out of the nestbox.
  • AVICULTURE 101: It’s easier to clean their cage thoroughly in the evening while they’re asleep because there’s no panic or fluttering.

DAY 12, Mar 7, 2017 TUESDAY

  • The idea of using only the water dispenser showed clearly that they were not used to such water dispensing to get their water supply. Eventually I ended up providing the original water container which actually got them drinking a lot of water. AVICULTURE 101: Just because you think you have a brilliant device or accessory for your birds, doesn’t mean they will use it as it is. Birds often have a mind of their own.
  • Ever so curious of their activities in the cage while I was away, I decided to mount my Sony A6000 in the opposite end of the cage across the nest box. Since I have remote access to the camera, I can view their activities in real time from outside the room.
  • The camera, although did not pose as a threat to the birds, was not something they were curious enough to peck around and check-out. They stayed a safe distance from it but were comfortable enough to feed and even preen each other.
  • The wide-angle of the camera gave me a nice view of the whole cage while maintaining a good distance from the birds. Oh this set-up really makes me want to just get a surveillance camera that I can use for the cage.
  • I have also decided to remove the folder cover which I used to cover one corner of the cage. African lovebirds really do like their sun after all.
  • As a bird owner, there is that itch to just keep rearranging inside the cage and I really need to control myself to just focus on what is necessary. The adjusting of the water dispenser to the bottom of the cage was necessary. I hope they will one day actually drink from it. I’ll give it time.
  • The Great Escape:
    • Coming home to my birds, I was going to do my routine check on them and their condition, and of course, the possibility of eggs but lo and behold: I SPOT THE OPEN HOLE ON THE SIDE OF MY CAGE. I’m talking about that hole which you can use as the opening to breeding boxes. The same whole I used when I mounted my Sony A6000 to take pictures of the cage interior. Oh Johnn you are an idiot.
    • The worst thing is, my room’s door is open and so I have the whole house to find them. After a few minutes of panic and just slamming around and letting my emotions run wild, I realised I needed to be smart with this.
    • If I remember anything about my previous experiences with Psittacines, they have a tendency to go to corners and the highest possible area. I started in my room and scanned around and just as I suspected, the two lovebirds were on top of my curtains in the room.
    •  A little coaxing with a towel and in a few attempts I got the female and placed her in the cage. The male was a bit more persistent and a flew into the CR. While fluttering around the CR the cock eventually got too tired and accidentally landed on my arm. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I EVER HAD HIM PERCH ON ME! You can imagine how excited this made me.
    • I almost made it to bringing him to the cage but just at the last second, he flew away again. Eventually a towel grab got him and I placed him back in the cage where the two hungrily ate the seeds and drank from the water. AVICULTURE 101: An escaped bird is most likely hungry, thirsty or exhausted.
  • Observations of an escapee Cage-raised lovebird:
    • Incapable of distant flight – when they tried to fly from one end of the room to another, their flapping felt weak and slow, it seemed like a struggle to even get through around 10 feet of distance (approximately 3m).
    • Poor flight control, mere straight direction flying – as opposed to freeflight birds I have observed, they had no curves or dives in their flight, They couldn’t even switch direction in mid-flight
    • Poor landing control – when they landed it almost felt like a crash landing rather than a gentle stepping on the nearest perch they can find. Sometimes they’d hit the wall and come falling down.
    • Easily tired and exhausted – only three to four flights and they seem like they don’t want to fly anymore.
  • Just when I thought things were going to be uneventful and boring, an unexpected escape and a VERY important lesson was learned today. But seeing their inability to fly makes me wonder: “Should I give them flight time everyday?”

DAY 13, Mar 8, 2017 WEDNESDAY

  • Gave them freeflight time, and once again I noted their tired flight and only going up direction with no other flight direction
  • Here’s a scenario of what might be going in their heads as birds when flying in a huge space.
    • What we think they think: “Look at me Im so smart flying all the way up to avoid human reach!”
    • What they really are thinking: “OMG what in the world is this large space? How can I go down? I do I control these wings?! Who cares I’m panic flying!”
  • AVICULTURE 101: When you freeflight your birds immediately or when you set them free, you are presenting them to danger. Freeflight should be gradual and learned incrementally. This is why you do not “FREE” pet birds into the wild.
  • Remember when I said that there is that tendency to spend a little more when you have a new pet? Well it happened for me:
    • Bought a heavier food bowl – I need it to be heavy enough that they don’t push it around
    • Bought a washing tray – more like a puppy bowl which was shallow enough that they can step on it and use it as a bird bath
    • Bought an IP camera: – because I wanna know how they’re doing 24/7 Real-time
      • Considerations to make when getting the camera:
        • Is it portable
        • Does it need a power supply/outlet  or can it run on USB-power
        • Can it fit in the cage
        • Can you easily mount it on the cage
        • How’s the wi-fi range
        • Is it indoor or outdoor (you wanna make sure it won’t easily get ruined in certain conditions)
        • Is the shape threatening to the birds
  • Checked the nest box, nesting material is in the box again. Are they finally nesting or is it just a humidity thing they are adjusting?

DAY 14, Mar 9, 2017 THURSDAY

  • Okay,  so today was going to be the day I will try out the IP Camera I bought from CD-R King. It’s amazing how technology today simplifies remote access. And in a mobile-first era, you even have ready to work mobile apps to further make the surveillance process a conveniently portable function.
  • Firstly, I had to move the cage much closer to the router. Our walls at home are quite thick (I presume this to be a reason for weak wi-fi in my room) so the IP cam can only get signal if closer to the door of my room. Then when the signal picked up, I checked everything else: water, food, and all cage sides before leaving the birds. Oh and I also closed the windows because today felt like a very cold day what with the rain and all.
  • It was nice to see them every now and then and guess what I saw most of the time I was observing them through the camera: GROOMING. I think these birds spend almost the entire day just grooming and grooming and grooming!
  • Sadly I don’t think they used the water tray for bathing. I think they will most likely use it when they are feeling hot  , and these days the weather has been quite cold. I can’t assume though, they probably use it when I’m not watching.
  • When I got home I realised that I can’t keep cleaning up the poop they leave on the floor area around the cage so I structured a floor cover that hopefully will catch the poop that falls off from the cage.
  • Because my cage stand has wheels, this makes it convenient for me to move the cage closer to the window at night.

DAY 15, Mar 10, 2017 FRIDAY

  • I’ve already given up doing the the whole “feed them only when they are hungry” routine. I can’t go home before the sun sets and I hate the idea of them going to be hungry.  So I always fill their food tray good for a whole day’s feeding. I also believe that doing so may present an environment that feels like food is abundant and therefore makes it a good breeding environment.
  • The food bowl I bought for them was a heavy one and was much better than the boxed plastic food tray I used. Its curved shape allowed easier blowing off of seed husks and this made it easier for me to manage rather than an edged container.
  • Youtube videos also taught me one thing I did not consider before: Floor-lining for the nestbox. I should have done this before so I could easily clean-off the nestbox when the chicks start coming in. This will prevent the stench of bird poop from piling up.
  • I wonder if my room is smelling of bird poop or not. I can’t smell anything and I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve gotten used to their smell.

Lovebird BIRD Log Day 6-10

DAY 6, Mar 1, 2017 WEDNESDAY

  • At one point in the feeding I gently got some sunflower seeds from the plastic bag under the cage and then I brought this inside the cage all while they were looking at me do so. I know it got them clinging on the side of the cages but it was quite clear that they saw what I was doing.
  • For me it’s also quite interesting to see the male being clever at times. I saw him pick up a sunflower seed he had trouble opening up and brought this to the water cup and started dipping in it while chewing every now and then. Come to think of it, between the male and the female, the male one was always the calmer bird.
  • Coming home late was kind of a problem of mine and I think this time I wasn’t able to leave enough food for them. I saw the broccoli stalk all chewed up and the swing perch disassembled, what do these birds do when I’m not here?!
  • I opened up the nestbox to coax them to go out and check the food. You know, if a bird has their sleeping time, they’re really serious about it. They weren’t even threatened by my fingers moving in front of them. Or maybe they’re just weak and hungry because I didn’t get to leave them enough food 🙁 I was expecting the Moringa fruit to be enough, apparently they still want their usual seed mix. AVICULTURE 101: Don’t drastically change food for your pets. Getting a new bird, make sure you know what food the previous breeder was providing.
  • There’s also the matter of how much is enough when it comes to bird food. I decided I’m going to start measuring the food I give them so that I won’t end up overfeeding them (because they tend to get really messy in the cage) or underfeeding them.
  • Seriously what goes on in that cage when I’m not around!?
  • Before they went back inside the nest box I chanced upon the two preening each other. Awwww. Should I leave a bath plate for them to wash in when I’m gone? I think I should buy an IP camera to check on them every now and then.
  • Also, inspecting the poop tray made me realize, my initial decision to tape together the scratch paper was a good one, just setting them on the tray leaves them in a disarray.
  • After six days, I think they’re starting to get familiar with me. 🙂 Now time to figure out how to manage the smell.


DAY 7, Mar 2, 2017 THURSDAY

  • When I woke up I saw one of them, I wasn’t too sure which one, outside on the perch. Was that the male one? Are they starting to prepare for breeding? When I did get up and moving, he/she moved back in the nest box.
  • AVICULTURE 101: When cleaning up the food bowl from seed shells, use a camera blower (one of those rubber blowers for cleaning dust). It helps.
  • Just to see if they’re not as scared as they were before, I play with my fingers in full view of them while they were in their cage. No panic flying! The familiarity is real! I’m not just imagining it!
  • After a whole day of being out, I come home to see that the moringa stalks that I left were stripped down into fibers! I also spot only the male outside the nest box! I’m suddenly very excited about this! Almost a week later and it looks like the birds are getting ready for their clutch, Wilbert wasn’t kidding when he said this is a proven pair. I mean, the signs were all there: the preening, the closeness the two exhibited.
  • I transferred the water container to a higher level because putting it almost near the base got it easily dirty.
  • The broccoli stalk seems to be a preferred snack/toy. Not too sure if they actually eat it or just chew it because I see lots of bits of it on the poop tray.
  • I guess I got too excited that I ended up filling their food tray with sunflower seeds only to realise that when it’s nighttime they won’t be feeding especially when they are already full from the meal I left for the whole day.
  • Still thinking about how to do digital monitoring over these birds because I want to witness some of their activites when I’m not around. I think this will give me an even deeper insight as to how they’re living their lives.
  • Just wondering though, aside from cuttlebone, what should I feed a breeding pair? Looks like I got some research to do. I’m just too excited! My first clutch EVER coming very soon!


DAY 8, Mar 3, 2017 FRIDAY

  • The news of them nesting got me all excited but also now that they’re starting to nest, the panicky attitude is back. Except this time, instead of flying back and forth around the cage, they head directly into the nest box. I figured I’ll deal with this concern later. I’m now more focused on getting them to have a very breeding-friendly set-up.
  • Of course to encourage them to breed I decided to buy stuff that I think they need. On top of that list was the cuttlebone (10php) which will provide them the minerals, particularly calcium, for the egg-laying. They did not eat from the chicken egg shell I left lying around (wtf is wrong with me!? Cannibalism??) so this proven food is more like what they needed. Also, I was not content with the DIY water container I hung on the side of their cage, the water dispenser in the pet store (White Gold) was looking really nice and sanitary to me. It only had a small opening for dispensing so no dirt or poop would contaminate the water supply.
  • Walking around the pet shop made it VERY tempting to buy bird toys. I know these toys can provide some form of entertainment for the birds but why do I feel like it’s really more for the humans than the birds? Maybe I’ll invest in toys someday but I think the stalks I left in the cage is more than enough.
  • When I got home I saw the food tray already empty despite my 4 teaspoons of mixed seeds. Looks like I need to up their daily dose.
  • When I got home I decided to check the nestbox and it seems like there’s even more nesting material now.
    • Since I have a dive trip scheduled for Saturday to Sunday, I had to make sure that my birds will be okay being alone.
    • Water containers all filled up
    • Food tray filled with 4 times as much food (I wonder if this is proper)
    • I cleaned up the poop tray and lined up the paper secured with tape. I no longer waited for the 5 day cycle
    • Moringa leaves were stripped from the stalks and placed in a container
    • The stalks were placed on the side for them to chew on and strip down
    • Placed one cuttlebone inside the cage
    • Swept the floor around the cage (there’s so much DUST!)
    • Sprayed the stand’s base with insect repellant to avoid ants
    • Secured the cages to make sure no unwanted escape happens
  • This will be my first time not to see them on a daily basis for a long period of time (1 day and 1 night), I wish I could’ve bought a surveillance cam but for now, I’ll trust that they have everything they need to last one day alone to themselves.
  • Hopefully when I come home on Sunday, I’ll see at least one egg in the nest box.


DAY 9, Mar 4, 2017 SATURDAY


  • More than a week of having these birds, I still have no names for them but definitely building an attachment to them. I’m a few hours away from home but I’m really wondering how my birds are doing.
  • Some thoughts in doing video surveillance of my birds:
    • Should I have some sort of dashcam? The good thing is I can keep video logs and other interesting activities that I don’t get to see.
    • Or should I get an IP camera? This way I can get a 24/7 realtime view. Do IP Cameras record and store their video captures?
  • I’m also wondering if how much a mess they have made. Thankfully no one from the house has called me yet about any issue. I’m quite sure I left enough food to last them two days at least.
  • Finally the most important question: Are they gonna have eggs?


DAY 10, Mar 5, 2017 SUNDAY


  • Finally back at home and I get to see my birds again! This is the moment of truth! Will I see a clutch? An Egg?
  • Much to my disappointment and gradual acceptance, there was no egg. In fact, some of the nesting material I initially saw… were removed. Why?! I thought the nesting was going to happen!
  • Realisation: you can’t hurry the breeding process. Especially if it’s a first time. You have to be patient and allow the birds to be comfortable. Setting aside my disappointment, I  started cleaning up the area as there was A LOT of bird dust, seed husks and other dirt.
  • I got to check their food tray and it looks like the amount of food I left was enough because there was a few more grams of seeds to spare. The Cuttlebone showed some bite marks on the edge but not really as much as I thought they would consume.
  • Not wanting to bother them anymore, I decided to call it a night and let them be as they went back to their nest box.

Lovebird BIRD Log Day 1-5

DAY 1 – Feb 24, 2017 FRIDAY
– In the first half of the afternoon I was walking around Manalili. Seeing the very presence of different birds in their cages just triggered something in me that has been dormant for so long. I know that I just needed to keep birds again. I admit this was also because of playing Bird Paradise in android. There were several wild Java finches I saw there and I won’t lie, I was extremely tempted to just buy those instead. Java finch is my first choice for bird keeping supposedly, unfortunately it proved to be extremely difficult to find in Cebu. So I messaged up Wilbert Belena from our neighborhood and I was resolved to buy his birds and his cage as well so I can start keeping birds again! After one last look around the birds in Manalili, I knew I made a good call by not buying from them. AVICULTURE 101: ONLY buy from a proper breeder. I did buy some mixed bird seed around 45 per kg and large sunflower seeds, just 1/4 for 80 per kg. A total of 65php for prolly 2-3 weeks supply of food. We’ll see where it goes.
– Around the late afternoon, I couldn’t wait for the Saturday morning meet up anymore. I opted to go to Wilbert’s house already and just get it over with. I was amazed with his set up, these stacks of bird cages where ring-neck parakeets were and also a lot of cockatiels and african lovebirds. This guy is serious about this hobby. 18,000 for a pair of lutinos, 16,000 for the blue pair, these ring-neck parakeets do cost a lot!
– I got his pair of proven ALBs the grey one being female and the blue one being male. Their size differences are noticeable. 1800 for the pair is definitely a fair deal for a proven pair and also, I got the cage for 600php and he threw in a nestbox which I decided to add 100php voluntarily. I was just damn excited to get started with aviculture already. Wilbert did say that the pair is already starting to nest.
– When I got home I washed up the old nest box and the cage tray. I don’t have another standby cage so cage cleaning will have to wait until much later. AVICULTURE 101: Have a huge powerful electric fan to easily dry stuff. As Wilbert taught me, push two nails in front of the nestbox and you can easily suspend it on the side of the cage, yey!
– I set up the cage inside my room for many reasons but safety and familiarity being the two core reasons. First off, I wanted to prevent any rat or cat attacks on my birds. Second, I wanted them to be familiar with my presence and associate me with resources. The problem right now is that they are extremely afraid of human presence. This tells a lot of how aviculturists have been managing their birds. Every time I try to enter the room, they become very panicky and scared. They won’t even touch the food on the food dish. I guess this is normal because they’re in a new environment and they’re still stressed from the trip from one house to another.
– Tonight they’re going to be staying in my room. Hopefully being frequently in the same room will get them to feel more comfortable with my presence.
– Ants and poops is my problem. Hanging it up helps in terms of preventing the ants, but the poop still gets out of the cage because they tend to stay on the sides of the cage.

DAY 2- Feb 25,2017 SATURDAY
– I woke up to the sound of their shrieks. They were perched properly and not clinging to the side of the cages so that’s a good sign.
– Noting Wilbert’s foreword on the nesting, I stripped up some japanese paper and placed them on the floor of the cage. I hope this will encourage nesting behaviour.
– They’re still not eating the bird seeds, I sense stress still controlling them. Although right now, I can see the male occasionally being comfortable on the perch instead of always clinging to the cage wires. This is a start.
– When I’m not within area of vision of the birds, I see them exploring the nestbox. Maybe this is a start for the nesting process? I need to get veggies and cuttlebone for these birds.
– When I got home late evening I silently entered the room thinking. I was quite afraid that they might have already escaped the cage (yes I’m that paranoid and you really can’t underestimate these birds, they’re quite smart)
– However as I inspected the nestbox, it was apparent that they decided to rest inside the nestbox. Another good sign of being comfortable on using the nestbox. This way perhaps will encourage the idea of breeding.
– The nesting material I made for them proved to be useless as they did not use this for nesting.

DAY 3 Feb 26, 2017 SUNDAY
– The birds were quite noisy, I’m guessing it’s the heat of the sun since the cover in one half of the cage fell off. Decided to put it on and yes, it worked, they became more silent. Added additional cover so that they can have a part of the cage where they don’t see their surroundings and somehow this makes them more comfortable. I should’ve done this yesterday.
– Meeting the other aviculturists at Bert’s house, I found out that my pair are actually Persopied Lovebirds, a cross between Personata and Fischers lovebirds.
– I also found out that even pet birds like lovebirds actually need papers to avoid confiscation from DENR. Gosh, these things are a lot more complicated than I realised.
– I also learned that you can actually keep wild caught Java finches and with time and patience, actually breed them! Tempting but I need to do more research on the legalities of this plan.
– Wilbert gave me a couple of the fruits of the Moringa plant which turns out to be something I can give as a snack for my ALBs.
– When I got home I found them comfortably in the nestbox and I was quite tempted to urge them to come out but I know better than to do that.
– Added a second perch just near the nest box so that this was the perch they can go to if they want to get exposed to the sun.
– Made my makeshift water feeder using a plastic cup and paper clips. This worked out pretty well because after my ALBs got out of the nestbox and actually drank water. This was the first time I saw them drink water.
– I chose a container with a deeper pocket for feeding so that the seeds don’t fly out when they fly around the cage.
– They key to get them to feel more comfortable is not to make any sudden movements and to really move around the cage as slowly as possible.
– I spotted a couple of social behaviors such as preening of each other. I noticed that the female tends to be more scared than the male.

DAY 4 Feb 27, 2017 MONDAY
– Since I woke up really early they weren’t up and about just yet doing their social activities. They didn’t spend the night in the nestbox as they did last time, was it because the night wasn’t as cold as the nights before?
– I can pass by them without all the fluttering and panic but mostly I think it’s because it’s 4am and they’re still groggy so they can’t panic much.
– There is the temptation to remove their food and starve them enough so that they will always associate my presence with the influx of food but I think that’s just cruel. It’s only day four, usually it takes weeks before they become accustomed to human presence. Maybe I should read more on African lovebirds which surprisingly, is not very well-written in the internet, there’s a space for discussion in the search results.
– I still haven’t refilled their food tray, gosh these birds barely eat at all. I did however place eggshells (am I supposed to do this?) hopefully it’ll provide them the calcium they need during breeding.
– There was the question of training OR breeding bothering my head, again the game of patience is something I need to constantly remind myself, I’m too in a hurry to get things done. Logging these experiences keeps me in check, hopefully these logs will help others as well.

DAY 5 Feb 28, 2017 TUESDAY
– If you’re looking for birds because you like the sound of birds, trust me, African lovebirds are NOT your choice of birds. Their shrieks are loud, insistent and vexing. Go get a finch instead. I woke up to these birds just really really REALLY loud. Take note, the cage is just a meter away from my bed. I can REALLY hear them. Come to think of it, is it possible that hese sounds can mean something?
– I think I should be observing more and see if different sounds can mean certain things.
○ Short shrieks with high repetitions usually means fighting or distress. I hear it when I see them fighting among each other for a spot (when trying to hide from me).
○ Loud and high pitch regular chirps usually happen when they’re socialising or about to feed, I hear this just before they head to the feeders
– It was my decision to do something about the current stand I was using to elevate the cage. I was using my electronic piano (keyboard) stand for this and I can imagine the look of distraught on my father’s face that I was using such an expensive item…FOR A BIRD STAND. So I scoured the garage for some junk and found a nice metal frame with wheels on the bottom and a base that makes a nice stand with enough space to store stuff underneath.
– AVICULTURE 101: Even with a poop tray at the bottom, birds can find ways to defecate OUTSIDE the cage. Oh these feathered friends do wonders.
– I can already start to smell the poop accumulating at the bottom tray of the cage so I decided to change the paper lining. So I guess it’s safe to say tray clean-up is every 5 days for a pair of birds. To those asking if they should line their bottom tray with recycled paper, I say yes. It makes the cleaning process quite easy. I’ll prolly wash the tray every month, that with the cage as well.
– One thing about being an aviculturist and when you’ve had your first pair of birds, there’s a tendency to fuss over the interior of the cage, you want to rearrange stuff and make it look clean. In my set-up I placed the food at the center of the cage, I have two perches: one near the nestbox and the other near
From across the room (about 3 meters away) I got to observe them feeding. I’ve made the decision to take away the covers (I was using expanded folders). I’m going to hope that this will continue to build familiarity with my presence. There are times that I can move a little without scaring them, especially if my back is facing them. I guess that’s a start.