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Why I Freedive and not do SCUBA?

If I ever get a 10 peso coin for every person who would ask “why not do scuba?” when I explain freediving, I think I can get pretty rich. There still are a lot of people who don’t understand what freediving is so you can head on over to this article: What is Freediving and why is Freediving Popular? To give you a quick glimpse, freediving is a form of diving that does not involve any form of breathing apparatus regardless of whatever form of diving that takes place as long as it is done in one single breath. The practice goes way back to our ancestors of the sea such as the Sama Badjaos (Sea nomads in the Philippines) and many other diving societies like the lady pearl divers of Japan. Don’t you want to breathe underwater? Well if we had gills for doing so, then yes it’ll be awesome. However SCUBA, which involves a breathing apparatus, demands a certain level of safety and precaution while you are diving. There are rules that apply …

What is Freediving and Why is it so Popular?

  Despite all the youtube videos, articles online and discussions in groups and threads, I still encounter this question and it’s not a big deal since I know not a lot of people are exposed to this term. When it comes to diving, most people associate it with SCUBA diving which requires the use of an underwater breathing apparatus. With Freediving it’s simply put: diving with just a single breath of air.   Snorkeling vs Freediving There are those who might confuse freediving with snorkeling. We can go crazy over the semantics and other things but it is generally understood that snorkelers are merely limited to the surface. When a snorkeler decides to go deeper than the confines of the surface then one becomes a freediver. Who is a freediver and who isn’t? Basically anyone who decides to dive deeper than the surface is a freediver. A freediver is not determined by the depth of their dive or even the duration of their dive. You can have someone with a 20 second dive time diving …


How I Started Freediving

I had no idea I was freediving Back then I had no idea that I was freediving. I thought I was just doing “extreme snorkeling”. All I knew was snorkeling and “going deep” as I went snorkeling. It wasn’t until around 2011 (or 2010, I can’t remember exactly when) that I started seeing some articles about freediving and that opened a whole new world I never knew about.