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Cebu’s Fort San Pedro

Cebu Fort San Pedro

One of Cebu’s popular tourist historical destinations is the Fort San Pedro or “Fuerza de San Pedro” located in Plaza Independencia. Today the Plaza is beautifully clean and attracts several locals who wish to frolic around the park under the old acacia trees.

Fort San Pedro Cebu was initially built by Spanish and indigenous Cebuano laborers under the command of Spanish conquistador, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and the Spanish Government in Cebu. What we see today is actually an improvement of the original structure which were made of logs.

Fort San Pedro From outside

General Admission for Fort San Pedro is 40php while students get a discount of 20php. The place is rich in cultural history. You can almost feel like when it was hundreds of years ago where the Spaniards newly settled in Cebu. Upon entering the main entrance of the fort you can already see the pictures of how the fort developed over the years. Looking at those old pictures made me realize that Cebu used to have a LOT of space.

Fort San Pedro Entrance

Apart from the education you will receive from the history of the Spanish period in Cebu, you can also have a little tour of the different species of plants which are all over the place. They even contain their scientific name, English name, and local name.

Green Garden of Fort San Pedro

A guard post in the Fort

One of the “windows’ of the fort

One of the really old cannons in the fort

We can better appreciate the different constructions of the Spaniards and Cebuanos many years ago by looking into detail the various structures around the area. You can see the walls, the cannons and also the posts where the guards used to stay. You can even experience walking around the very pathways where Spanish guards used to patrol!

Dual passage

Though Fort San Pedro is just a small structure and can easily be toured in an hour or so, I believe this is an easy way to get a visit into the past here in Cebu. With its location just within the city and its accessibility does not require long or difficult travel, it’s a great way to have a glimpse of the past of what Cebu used to be during the Spanish era.

You can see the really old structure and texture of the wall

Though the place may attract botanists and history-loving tourists, this historic fortress is actually open for private functions if one chooses to rent it for an event or even a party!

Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind coming back to this fort every now and then. Cebu does not have too many preserved Spanish-era structures (I can only count a few like the ones in Oslob) and this one is just really easy to get to. If you happen to have only a short time in Cebu, this can be one of your destinations before heading to Casa Gorordo, the Jesuit House, Basilica del Sto. Niño de Minore, and Magellan’s Cross.

For San Pedro from Inside

Walking the very steps that the Spanish Guards walked

From the Garden Correidors

Fort San pedro and the lush greens surrounding it

Botanical Garden



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