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CIM – Cebu Institute of Medicine

CIM on their marker

With my father, sister, and brother being doctors and graduates of this prestigious School of Medicine, there was an expectation for me to follow suit. Nevertheless, I am proud to say that they are graduates of one of the best medical schools in the Philippines and the best medical school in Cebu.

Cebu Institute of Medicine or popularly known as CIM (although a lot of people refer to it as Velez as the founder is Dr. Jacinto Velez) is actually the no. 1 Med school in Cebu City. The doctors who graduate from here are recognized anywhere in the Philippines and are also internationally recognized.

Somehow the students prefer the brick ground than the cemented area.

CIM is found at Ramos Street just beside the Cebu Velez Hospital. Already beyond its 50 years, most of the famous and skilled doctors are known to be graduate of this school.

Landscaping the once dry and empty area.

CIM is following the new style of education which is PBL or “Problem-based learning” which centers on the students’ self-learning development. The lectures of teachers are not the only source of learning and the students do small group discussion that encourages the students to do critical thinking.

Project of the Synergists of CIM

My father said that CIM is very difficult that even one of his foreigner classmates said that “he nearly died there”. Now with CIM following this new style of education, students will experience an even more challenging style of learning. I’ll be honest and say to get in this school is hard and to survive and finish it is even harder. I don’t need to see my Achi (elder sister) and Ahia (elder brother) go through 5 years of several sleepless nights to know that this school can really stress you out but then the result of the hard work is priceless. When you finish CIM you become a world class Doctor. There’s just that sense of awe when you hear someone say “hey! You’re from CIM!”.

At the entrance of Cebu Institute of Medicine

The pictures I showed there is a project of the Synergists Batch (my dad’s batch). To those interested to go in CIM all you have to do is take the NMAT (National Medical Admission Test). You will be qualified if you have finished any four year college course. Then there is the interview which can make or break your admission into CIM.

To those who would like to be in CIM one day I would like to quote the words of the Dr. Poblete: “Here in CIM you study medicine, you drink medicine, you sleep medicine, and you dream medicine..”

I once took this road towards the vocation of a doctor but I did not see this to be my future and I have since left this path without regret. It was however, a very enriching experience that will give me lessons to last a lifetime.

Good luck to all future doctors!




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