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Igotann Cave in Talisay

Igotann Cave in Talisay

Igotann Cave Entrance

A few years ago I had the wonderful opportunity to be invited once again by the Cebu Normal University Biology Students. This time they brought me to Igotann Cave in Talisay.

Igotann Cave is a wonderful place to go to if you want some risky adventure and if you want some quiet time. If you want to have one of those barkada hang outs this place is where you want to go.

Igotann Cave

Igotann Cave Sign

How to get to Igotann Cave

It’s quite simple really. You can take a ride from City link. You walk over to City link from E-mall and then you take a jeep (41D or 42D) which will take you all the way to Talisay. Then you can ride a motorcycle to the entrance leading to the cave.

There’s a small trek to the cave but what’s a little fun without an adventure right?

There’s an entrance fee of 20 php per person along with a Gate Entrance of 5 php (for those who just want to hang out outside the cave).

Igotann Cave

Igotann Cave Entrance Fee

I have to say the whole thing was really a risky adventure and I was quite excited because I don’t have much adventure nowadays.

Igotann Cave

Bridge Leading to the Cave

And so the group decided to go in the cave. The path was really narrow and the ground was wet with fresh water. The cold water washing our feet made the whole experience very scary as everything was really dark.

Igotann Cave

Entering the Cave

And so the group kept moving forward and we had to venture deeper into the cave. The scary part was we really didn’t know where the trail will end. It was just a long line of dim lights continually moving forward.

Igotann Cave

The group stopping for a pose

After a good 10 minutes we finally arrived in the end part where there was a huge space where there was water falling from the upper portion of the cave. The space was round and good for people sitting around and just talking. The water is not deep enough for swimming but if you’re after a nice cold shower then the waterfall inside the cave would make a nice cool shower.

Igotann Cave

Reaching the End point

The sight of the water flowing from the upper portion of the area was refreshing and it kind of compelled me to just splash around the water. After all, that time there was barely any water outside and it was searing hot. And of course, with no extra clothes with me I jumped in the shallow pool and jumped around playfully under the waterfall.

Igotann Cave

Shower of water from the Cave Ceiling

After a few minutes of just settling in the cool water we decided to head back to the entrance. Once we got out we had some camwhoring sessions just before heading home.

Igotann Cave

Karaoke and Camwhore sessions (Boy was I fat)



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