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Introducing: The Birds of Cebu!

Green naped Lory

Pili and Charlie. Pili craves for Charlie’s presence. Charlie doesn’t share the same feelings

I’ve finally succumbed to what a lot of pet owners have been doing for the past decade: creating social media accounts for pets. In my case, since I have over 30+ birds, I’ve created a consolidated page and IG account for all of them.


So for those of you who are interested to see what I’m posting you can actually follow them at @birdsofcebu . The whole idea is to share some bits of information about these domesticated birds (I do not keep any wild-caught birds as an advocacy to preserve wildlife). More than just pretty pictures or colorful feathers, these birds are quite the lively flock and each of them have their own attitude and character that makes them very distinct!


Take for example Charlie; Charlie is a very intelligent Indian Ringneck parakeet that just loves to fly around and is always ever so curious about anything new or shiny that he can see. He is also a spoiled bird refusing to get friendly with any of my other birds while only making affectionate contact to me. He is the boss when it comes to what gets done or what we have planned for the day so I have to make sure that I’m observing him or he can get pretty naughty and destroy all my wires!


Pili is a Green-naped lory but can be quite the bully! While Pili is fearful of unfamiliar objects, when he does get familiar, he does not hesitate to get wild and extremely playful! He can sometimes perform air push-ups on plastic cups and when he doesn’t get his playtime outside the cage, he will jump around and make a lot of sound to get my attention.

Ozai the Sun Conure is a pleasant surprise to me at times. He seems shy at first but once out of the cage he likes to play with Charlie’s bird toys and also will get curious when Pili and Charlie are nibbling around me. He isn’t as affectionate yet and for a sun conure he’s quite silent compared to his wife:Ursa.

These birds are quite the flock and sometimes it can get too overwhelming! Thankfully every playtime with them is always interesting and I’m always the one who has to call it a day instead of them. These birds seemingly have no limit to their energy!

Hopefully one day I get to freeflight some of my birds and THEN that will be a story to blog.



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