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Lovebird BIRD LOG Day 16-20

DAY 16, Mar 11,2017 SATURDAY

  • I attempted placing a “toy” in their cage which really was a wooden beads bracelet. After watching a couple of times from the bird cam it seem like that they were still more interested with the colorful paper clip which I used as a wire hanger for the DIY water container I made. It looks like colour matters for them after all.
  • Yesterday I didn’t see any poop land on that floor guard that I made but today after check I saw about two poop marks which proves that the floor guard is indeed effective!
  • Peering into the bird cam also showed them bringing in more nesting material. Compared to before, I found that the nesting material seems to be lined better in their nestbox bottom, I guess it’s important to always provide them with new nesting material options to play around with instead of just leaving them with the existing ones. The cam showed me the female busily chewing on the stalk while sticking out of the nest box. Still haven’t seen her actually do the mounting of nesting material on her rump.
  • Although they are actively preening each other and I did see the cuttlebone being chewed off a little, I still have not seen them actually mate (this sounds so wrong) so until then I can’t really expect any eggs to be well on their way.


DAY 17, Mar 12, 2017 SUNDAY

  • This is my first time to sleep or rather, stay in bed instead of leaving the house before the sun rises and I think this might be agitating the birds. I mean come on guys, we’re nearing 20 days of getting to know each other and you still find my presence annoying/threatening?
  • I’m not sure if they are just vocalising or are anxious because I’m around but they were REALLY noisy today.
  • It might also be a factor that I turned the cage poistion around to make the camera face along the direction of the window light. When they stepped out of their nest box they were really going crazy and jumping from one end of the cage to the other.
  • Almost 10 days since the last poop tray clean-up, I finally cleared the poop tray and changed the lining. The whole taping the papers together makes the clean-up easier. Removed as well all the stripped-off plants so that I can start giving them fresh plants to tear up and make into nesting. AVICULTURE 101: If you want them to poop on a concentrated area in the cage, situate the perch there.




DAY 18, Mar 13, 2017 MONDAY

  • I won’t lie. Things are getting pretty redundant. It’s basically becoming a routine. I’m not entirely sure if I can keep up with doing this bird log until the 100th day but meh, we gotta try anyway. The boredom comes mostly from:
    • Not being able to train the birds because I want them to focus on breeding
    • Not being able to give them freeflight time because I can’t calmly return them to their cage or coax them with food to return to their cage
    • Not seeing any progress in egg-laying
  • Checking the bird cam gets me to see them preening each other, the usual stuff. I do get to see the female bringing the strips of the vegetation in and out of the nestbox. She’s the only one really working stuff out.
  • Tried to leave a cracker in their food bowl, they don’t seem to be interested, these birds are really picky huh.
  • Coming home quite late, once again I don’t see them in their cage, all settled in the nest-box for the night.
  • The nights are becoming warmer, I wonder if this will encourage them to breed now?
  • Quite interestingly so, a raffle in the local community was tempting me to put in a lot of entries to win that exotic bird. AVICULTURE 101: the  temptation to keep adding to your bird family is strong. RESIST that temptation unless you can commit to care for new addition avian members. I still placed an entry, but this time for the sake of camaraderie rather than intent to win. (If I really intended to win, I would’ve paid for 1/2 of the slot)



DAY 19, Mar 14, 2017 TUESDAY

  • For tonight I will be spending it in my grandmother’s house to watch over her while my cousins are out on a trip. This means double the feeding dosage in their food bowl.
  • It has been discouraging to see them fly in panic or hide in the nestbox whenever I try to peer in the cage. I blame myself though during those “freeflight” moments. Once again impatience will push me back to square one.
  • Also, found out that the loud screeches and clicking sounds, it wasn’t because of my presence in the room, confirmed via bird cam that this happens in between 630am to 730am as part of their daily vocalisation.
  • Passed by local pet store to buy some toys for my birds. Yes yes I succumbed. I think I wanted to make the cage look more…animated rather than just perches and vegetation. Lame excuse but I also want to give them toys to play with.
  • Since I’m not coming home until tomorrow, these toys won’t be installed until the next day.
  • Checking on the bird cam, they’re probably in the nest box, I don’t see them within range of view.


DAY 20, Mar 15, 2017 WEDNESDAY

  • That’s exactly 20 days since I started keeping birds again. What have I learned so far? Well, that patience is an important virtue in this craft. You can’t compare bird keeping in real-life to bird keeping in computer games. Instant gratification does not exist here. Also that hoarding is a real problem and can possibly exist after you have had your first taste of bird keeping. There are a lot of bird keepers, especially if collection is their main objective, that tend to hoard. I’m afraid that temptation grows stronger every time I see a good “deal” when someone wants to sell their birds.
  • The fear I see in my birds is a result of the lack of contact and exposure to human presence. They are always locked up in my room with only my bird cam seeing them. Should I move them to a more human populated area? Maybe. I’ll think about it. The love birds I saw in a local pet shop showed that they did not fear humans in close proximity, it shows that they are acclimatized to such situation as opposed to my own lovebirds.
  • Consistency and timing is really the only way to instill a certain positive behaviour in birds. Don’t insist, don’t be impatient.
  • Oh look! The cuttlebone got really chewed up, is this a sign? Please let it be a sign 🙁
  • So much for patience.



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