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Lovebird BIRD Log Day 21-25

DAY 21, Mar 16, 2017 THURSDAY

  • The birds are still quite scared of my presence. This is getting really hard for me because I have this distorted expectation of birds being interactive with me. Well I can’t blame them, I haven’t had the opportunity to really stay with them and get them used to my presence. I can’t put them in the office either because they’re quite loud.
  • I pretty much gave up with my bird cam. I can’t blame it though because our router range is very weak. (default router from PLDT, our internet service provider). Because of this I’m considering moving them to the other office where there’s an outdoor space. My fear is still with cats and rats which is a real problem here in Cebu.
  • Future bird keepers out there? Don’t expect bird keeping to be as fantastic as you’ve got it imagined in your head. Bird keeping isn’t like Snow white with the animals of the forest. You are dealing with a species that is not human and you have to stop humanizing them. They are birds and you gotta give them the treatment that birds deserve. I think I’m writing this more for myself as a reminder.



DAY 22, Mar 17, 2017 FRIDAY

  • There’s a lot of things ongoing in Instagram right now that makes me tempted to buy new birds. Is it my impatience in my current pair of lovebirds. Is my lack of detachment and focus on my current pair also possibly due to my lack of names for this pair? Should I “Humanize” my birds so that they become more meaningful to me? Oh but the power of names.
  • Freeflight is also what I want to give to these birds but somehow bird training old practices still seem to show up in my feeds. It clearly shows that for birds that are old and untamed, the only way to do this is to clip their wings. Somehow clipped-wings really break my heart 🙁
  • I tried to stay a bit in my bed while watching them from afar and it doesn’t really take too long for them to get used to my presence. I just need more time with them.. Sigh.. Time.
  • The female started carrying some of the fresh vegetation I added to the cage. It was cute to see her try to drag the whole stalk with leaves and all and she really struggled with it. Daddy bird just kept playing with the beaded rainbow bird toy. Woot! They DO play with the toys! Haven’t seen them play with the colorful rings though.


DAY 23, Mar 18, 2017 Saturday

  • I couldn’t stand not having real time access of my birds so I moved their cage to where the router is nearby: the library.
  • The family library is also where I’m mostly stationed at so I think this will mean more time spent with them. Hopefully this will be the opportunity to build the much needed familiarity they need to have with me.
  • Scanning around the bird cam, the female is still active on getting her nesting fixed up while the male one keeps playing around with the colored beads. What is interesting though is how the water dispenser’s content is receding but I’ve never really seen them drink from it. Hmm, is it evaporating or are they really drinking from it? I’m going to guess that placing the water dispenser just beside the perch has somehow helped them get to it easily. Maybe I should’ve chosen one that is more colorful than just white so that they can actually be curious enough to check it out.
  • The cage looks pretty messy with all the vegetation and I’m still not back until Monday. Can’t wait to clean up everything when I’m back.


DAY 24, Mar 19, 2017 Sunday

  • Every now and then I can’t help but wonder how my birds are doing. The weather is colder now but I’m quite confident that they’re fine because they are just indoors but heck, I still worry because it’ll be three days already that I’m not able to be there.
  • Getting a quick glimpse of the bird cam, thankfully footage is not a problem because of the much stronger internet connection, I got to see them still doing their own thing. However every now and then they seem to get scared or startled and I think this is probably because of possible human elements passing around but maybe also because I didn’t mute the audio alert every time the camera starts streaming.
  • I wonder if there was some kind of automatic feeder for birds that can be controlled through IP control?  That’d be an interesting hardware, you know sort of like what they have with aquariums.
  • One more night and I’m back to seeing my birds again!


DAY 25, Mar 20, 2017 Monday

  • Today’s a rainy day and there’s one advantage to having your birds indoor, the cold won’t bother them anyway! I’m still driving back to the city from the company outing and I don’t think I’ll be back in the house until the evening because of work obligations.
  • Finally home! First thing to check? The birds!
  • Upon checking apparently someone has been feeding them as well, I can tell because you don’t have a lot of fresh new seeds in the bowl after 3 days of not feeding them, although I did fill the bowl good for three days food. I think the help at home somehow took initiative. (Yes I know I should’ve properly endorsed the feeding instead of leaving it be 🙁 )
  • Still no eggs in the nest box but the two are really quite affectionate with each other. Is the summer weather hopefully going to encourage them into breeding?
  • I see a few more videos of freeflighted birds, I will admit my envy and strong desire to raise birds for freeflight. It’s amazing how more people are capable of doing this. It was only around 20 years ago that free flighting was limited to only certain birds and that only a handful had the skill to do so.



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