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Lovebird BIRD Log Day 26-30

DAY 26, Mar 21, 2017 Tuesday

  • Almost 10 days since I last cleaned their poop tray, you see bird keepers, you have to have commitment and daily check on your birds if you are going to be taking care of them. Birds are not the neatest of pets when it comes to poop and although there are mentions of potty-trained birds, I have never actually seen a potty-trained birds. They will poop most frequently at where the perches will be located. They will poop in your nestbox, heck they will even poop in your food bowl! So constant cleaning is a must.
  • Truth be told, this is a chore but it’s the kind of chore that feels satisfying right after you see a completely fresh looking environment. Thankfully now that I’m located closer to the garden, I don’t need to throw dirt and other stuff to the trashcan, I can throw it directly into the garden where other birds can feed on the leftover seeds which fall off the food bowl (seriously these birds are wasteful or maybe I need a deeper food bowl?)
  • What happens when your birds still don’t lay eggs? You become impatient. You might even consider buying more birds. Trust me when that desire to buy more birds come? Don’t give in. Trust me, it’s like shopping more to solve your anxiety from incurring debt on your credit card from–you guessed it– shopping.
  • Didn’t bother them anymore, after a quick check, they’re back in their nest box and back to sleeping.




Day 27, Mar 22, 2017 Wednesday

  • I think I kind of messed up their body clock. Because they’re now located in the study room, with the aim to have them become familiar with my presence, they get exposed to light so early in the morning when I need to work in the wee hours of the morning, let’s say 2am in the morning.
  • When I turned on the lights they were supposedly still resting but I’m guessing the presence of light really coaxed them to get up and stretching. Interesting thing about birds, when they step out of their resting state you will see them stretch their wings to the back, stretch to the sides and finally ruffle themselves up. After a flurry of these activities, they are off to whatever they want to do.
  • I think that their frequent grooming and active curiosity around the cage means they’re not (yet) bored and depressed. When keeping psittacine species, one has to constantly ask, “How can I keep these very smart avian friends busy and interested?” They are not your typical ibrd that sits around the whole day and do nothing, they are smart and curious and you gotta keep them stimulated. Also, it’s a good excuse to shop for bird toys for them. Yeah, I just wanna buy them more toys. So this is what a parent feels like.



Day 28, Mar 23, 2017 Thursday


  • I bought a bird cage. Yes, I had no reason at all to buy a bird cage, but I did. I could reason out that it was a bargain deal with the price and the size of the cage, a medium-szied breeding cage. But let’s face it, the temptation to buy another bird is now getting stronger. I’ve recently seen some seller in our community possibly open to selling his cockatiels at a rather low price: 1,000php and this got me now all curious about pursuing the purchase.
  • The thing about keeping bird is that when you do start keeping a sweet little feathered friend, you will often think about what else you can buy for them and since bird toys and treats are not expensive it’s a very subtle addiction that can possibly go out of control.
  • I’m thinking of possibly transferring them to a smaller cage but I feel that they’re so comfortable with this double breeding cage which they are in right now. Sigh, I wish I had my aviary again, I think they’d appreciate it a lot if I had one.



Day 29, Mar 24, 2017 Friday

  • The  day started quite early so a quick clean-up of their food bowl and refilling it before I was on my way for work.
  • Ever since I transferred the cage to the library, I wasn’t able to spray some insecticide on the floor around the cage so I’m seeing a lot of black ants feeding on their droppings. Hehe, spraying around the cage floor feels like doing some kind of protective spell to ward of unwanted beings. I’m watching too much “The Magicians”.
  • AVICULTURE 101: It helps to have a bug spray on hand, ants and other unwanted insects can prove to be a problem for birds especially when they start having chicks. Ants CAN KILL chicks.
  • It’s close to 30 days of keeping these birds, I think tomorrow I need to find them some names or they’ll forever just be ornaments in the house. I want them to be more family than display.



Day 30, Mar 25, 2017 Saturday

  • Today is arguably one of the hottest day so far. Since mom had visitors over the house so I was forced to place the bird cage outdoor, specifically at the lanai of the house just close to the router so that I can still monitor them despite being outdoors. I will admit I’m quite scared because this will be the first time that I will have them outdoors ever since I procured my babies.
  • At the top of my head the first thing I feared is accidental escape, but of course I’ve learned that this can only come as a fault that is mine alone and no one else’s fault. So long as I don’t leave any opening carelessly left open then there’s no problem.
  • The second thing that worries me is predation. I don’t know what possible predators that may be out there that just might try to feed on my birds. Cats? (yes we have cats around, from around the neighborhood) Rats? (field rats not them city rats) Snakes? (I’ve seen some around, we live on a mountain) I’ll have to trust their use of the nestbox as a safe haven when these predators do anything to endanger them.



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