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Lovebird BIRD Log Day 31-35

Day 31, March 26, 2017 Sunday

  • Okay, I didn’t get to log this yesterday but last Saturday I ALMOST made an impulse buy. If there is one way to stimulate your temptations, Facebook Videos is definitely the best way. After watching some videos of freeflighted cockatiels I head down to the online community and search up whatever available chick there was. Thankfully the responsible breeder told me to be patient and just consider purchase when I’m ready to commit and not when I have a 7 day trip out of the country coming up.
  • AVICULTURE 101: Buy from a breeder and not just from a pet shop, and if you do buy from a pet shop make sure they have carefully considered their breeder suppliers.
  • My temptation tamed, I’m only a week away from my out of the country trip. I need to make preparations.



Day 32, March 27, 2017 Monday


  • Biggest discovery of the week! Apparently we have the moringa plant at our backyard and all along I kept thinking I need to go to the supermarket to buy them. I’m kind of worried because the nesting activity seemed to have stopped. I no longer see them trying to stuff any of the old strips of plant into the nest box.
  • Initially I tried placing some petchay and they didn’t touch it AT ALL. Okay, definitely not a preferred vegetable. I think I need to explore with other vegetables or even fruits. I tried to place a banana before but they ignored it as well. These birds are damn picky!
  • They noticed the moringa branches I’ve placed but I don’t think they’re touching it yet.
  • Just when I thought summer was going to begin because of the extremely hot weather lately, rain and coldness invades the days! So far I see them cuddling up and sleeping in the nest box so I think that’s kind of helping them manage the heat or cold.




Day 33, March 28, 2017 Tuesday

  • When I transferred the cage to the outdoors, specifically at the Lanai, I thought it would be a good idea to place the camera at the bottom. I was quick to realize that the placement on the upper part of the cage provided a much more visible angle. I will have to rely on reflections to see the blind spots.
  • I did an initially clearing of the poop tray but I haven’t really changed the paper lining. I think this will be done just a day before my week-long trip out of the country.
  • Somehow I think I should have a different kind of seed container for feeding because I feel like I see so much uneaten seeds. I don’t know if it’s because they get blown out when they fly around or is it because Bonnie and Clyde are just messy eaters.



Day 34, March 29, 2017 Wednesday

  • I have always been thinking that adding Moringa twigs and leaves would help with the nesting and hopefully breeding. However it came into my head that I think I can possibly add some new stuff inside….but what?
  • After trying I finally decided to add some palm leaves. The general idea is, I’ve seen parrot species (cockatiels, budgeriars and other hookbills) easily drawn to palms and palm leaves. Let’s see where this goes.
  • After reading something in the community facebook group about a pair of Macaws taking six years before they finally laid an egg, I’ve come to accept that I might not have a breeding pair anytime soon. This truly is  game of patience and commitment. I will admit though I can’t help but wonder if I’m a bad pet owner because they haven’t bred yet 🙁




Day 35, March 30, 2017 Thursday

  • I see some bird seed mix still in the bowl but there’s a whole bunch of sunflower seeds that are spread on the bottom tray. I think I should place some kind of solid plane that will have the sunflower seeds land on them when the couple are trying to chew on them. I don’t think they’re intentionally throwing it on the tray.
  • A little observation before I left the house, I see the two (Both of them), trying to stuff in the palm leaves into the nest box! The choice of leaves was right 😀 Also, I think they do enjoy chewing it up.
  • In the afternoon when I got back, I see that all sunflower seeds have been eaten. I was right. They were not intentionally throwing it out.
  • The water feeder is working just fine and after a week I’m finally refilling the water, they’ve consumed it all. I think I should start adding vitamins, I wonder what vitamins I can add to the water feeder.



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