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Lovebird BIRD Log Day 36-40

Day 36, March 31, 2017 Friday

  • The sun is starting to shed  light across the outdoor and somehow my birds are now in foraging mode as they leave the nest box. Quite simply I just add a scoop of the bird mix into the food bowl and as soon as I leave they’re already feeding on it.
  • I checked their cuttlebone and looks like I see a chunk chewed off! Is it possible that egg laying will be happening soon? I most certainly hope so.


Day 37, April 1, 2017 Saturday

  • Today is going to be the firs bird show I have ever attended. Though I’m not too keen on competitive and selective breeding of birds to yield desired mutations but you gotta admire the knowledge and expertise in genetics to be able to gain certain outputs.
  • Also present were some big birds like Cockatoos and Eclecti (which were up for raffle but I didn’t win). The Sulfur-crested cockatioo was extremely fond of being scratched, all the more makes me want to buy a cockatoo in the near future.
  • Andro’s shop also had a free-flighted African Lovebird. Just free, no ties, no cages, just free to fly! All the more I’ve become hungry for a freeflighted companion. Sigh, the freedom of birds unrestricted.
  • Guess what else was shown: Fancy Pigeons! Pigeons being one of my favorite birds, it was interesting to see all these new varieties that I’ve never seen before. I never knew that the fantails were short fliers and were not going to fly too far.  Who knows, if I had my own garden or lawn, I would prolly have some of these fancy pigeons there.
  • The community event was interesting, it’s nice to connect with like-minded people. I am once more reminded that this craft is not limited to certain types of people. The community showed all folks from all walks of life who are interested in birds.


Day 38, April 2, 2017 Sunday

  • I’m flying out today and I’ll be gone for a whole week. With a few hours left I make for whatever time I can have  to spend with my birds.
  • For the first time since I got Bonnie and Clyde, I washed the tray with soap water and also cleaned the cage of stray debris. I lined up the tray with fresh newspaper. It looks a lot cleaner.
  • Since I bought a new food tray, one with a semi-cover on them to prevent seeds falling off into wastage. The food bowl will have to be set aside for now.
  • The expired “fertivit” that I bought was actually a little bit too much for my birds 0__0 the 7G pack was good for more than 10L of vitamin-infused water. Let’s see if this will actually help in the breeding. If I do get them to breed this will be the first time I’ve ever bred birds in my whole life (not counting chickens).


Day 39, April 3, 2017 Monday

  • The internet does not seem to be cooperating with me and I’m unable to see my lovebirds. AVICULTURE 101: If you leave your birds with a birdsitter make sure that birdsitter is aware of all important and small details; don’t assume they know what you know.
  • Tonight I sleep at ease knowing that my birds won’t starve because someone is watching over them while I’m gone.


Day 40, April 4, 2017 Tuesday

  • It’s only now that I get to see my birds again via video. They are fine and quite healthy. It was a struggle at first because I thought it was an issue with my camera back at home. Apparently it was my VPN getting in the way of my access in the camera server.
  • They’re alive, fine, and quite well-fed. Even then I see the old food bowl being used. My new ones were not used because Ate Jel might have thought it was only secured on the side of the cage and cannot be moved.
  • The cuttlebone seems to have moved from its original position, I know they play around or push it around but I have yet to see a clip of them actually doing that.



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