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Lovebird BIRD Log Day 41-45

Day 41, April 5, 2017 Wednesday

  • The cold weather here in China made it impossible for me to see anyone keeping birds (save for that one shop that had a very cramped up small cage with a crested myna inside). I wonder how my birds are doing.
  • The quick video view at night revealed that like most nights, Bonnie and Clyde spend it safely in the nest box. My fear of predators doing anything to them is much lesser because they are safely tucked inside.
  • The video reveals a small ribbon tying the cage doors down, Ate Jel is smart and cautious for my dear lovebirds. I sleep assured.

Day 42, April 6, 2017 Thursday

  • This is the first time I got to get a good observation of my birds and I can’t help but ask the same question that I continue to ask since day 1: “Are there eggs?” I can only guess.
  • I do see a lot of seed husks on the floor so I’ll guess that Bonnie and Clyde are getting a lot of food. The water dispenser is also half empty so I would like to believe that it’s also being consumed.
  • The newspaper layering the floor looks like it’s wet. Hmm, rain in Cebu despite the summer time. I was expecting it would be much warmer before we left Cebu.
  • One last good look I see that Bonnie is just at the entrance of the nest box, nipping at a strand of the palm leaves I left with them before I flew off. Bonnie seems like a good candidate for a mother. I do hope she already is one by the time I’m back.

Day 43, April 7, 2017 Friday

  • Some observations I made while looking at the surveillance is that Bonnie is frequently entering the nest box, far more frequent than she did before. Normally when I do random checking of the surveillance I would see them preening and grooming each other. This change of habits seem to be implying something.
  • Tomorrow I’m going to be meeting my uncle and hopefully we’ll get to discuss about Aviculture. Just an idea: who in the Philippines is responsible for initiation of captive breeding for population restoration of certain species? I envy the conservation and restoration that was done for the Bali Mynah and Bald Eagle.

Day 44, April 8, 2017 Saturday

  • Tomorrow I shall finally go home. I’m missing my birds dearly (even if they don’t miss me at all) and I happily chatter with some friends about how my birds are easily viewable through a real-time camera I installed in their cage. Just when I was going to show the stream to them I capture the video just in time for their copulation! This is the first time I have recorded footage of my birds ever copulating!
  • Okay I know I shouldn’t be too excited about this because there’s still a chance that the egg laying won’t happen immediately and if it does happen, it’s not guaranteed that it will be fertile. Nevertheless, it’s finally happening! Almost 50 days into the keeping of this avian couple and I’m seeing signs of breeding. Yey!

Day 45, April 9, 2017 Sunday

  • Though I won’t be home till much later in the evening, I’m still very very excited to check on the nest box and see if there are eggs already.
  • The footages show both Bonnie and Clyde actively coming in and out of the nest box while chewing on whatever remained of the palm leaves I initially placed in the cage.
  • Also, this will be my first observation of such but I saw that my dear Bonnie was chewing on the cuttlebone! The breeding signs continue to show. This will be one interesting summer. Should I hold off purchase of an un-weaned chick and await the birth of my first clutch? We shall see.



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