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Malabago Beach Asturias

Malabago Beach Resort

Malabago Beach Resort

One of the places my family usually goes to is the beach in Asturias Balamban: Malabago Beach Resort. The beach is just two hours ride from our place. You can pass by the Trancentral Highway to get there.

The only public transportation that can get you there safely is the V-hire. I don’t recommend getting there on a huge Ceres Bus.

Malabago Tree

Malabago Tree

Malabago Beach Resort

The place is basically named after the Century old Malabago Tree located in the center of the resort. The beach is definitely not white sands but I can give out a few reasons enough to make you also want to check out the place.

  1. They have a spring in the middle of the sea (yep, fresh spring water sprouting in the middle of the sea water)
  2. There’s Sun signal, Globe Signal, and Smart Signal. Yes, you’re mobile 3G can work here although not as well as the one in the malls.
  3. Entrance fee is only 10php per person and there are cottages raning from 100-250 (100 is for tables and chairs only)
  4. There’s a trench 5 minutes away from the shore (for this reason alone I want to go back, snorkeling here is awesome!)
  5. Because there’s a trench, there’s a huge number of fish species you can observe and the corals are damn beautfiul!
  6. They have air conditioned rooms (but they’re rather pricey though)
  7. The beach is not crowded (I love this)
  8. There’s a circle where you can apply clay/mud therapy on your skin or you can also hire one of them massaging ladies for a mud massage
  9. Food is great!


They have all sorts of cottages there. You can opt for  a normal cottage, a tree house cottage, or even a cottage in the middle of the sea! It’s fun to have a group just hang out. The price of these cottages make it great for Budget Barkada Trips.


I really love this place. Although it’s rather pricey for it’s state and appearance, it’s the convenience of the natural resources, hidden beauty and rare occurrence of a spring in the middle of the sea.

I would love to go back and I think it would be better if you stay on for one night because the sunset in Asturias is just something you CANNOT miss. It’s one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.

Every time I visit there the corals and fishes are continuing to increase in number and this is because the owners have done their best to ban the dynamite fishing in their area. The trench is beautiful, I definitely recommend this to divers. (Kuya Jayvee!)

Here are some pics to show you what’s the place like:

Tree House Cottage

Malabago Beach Resort

One of the Cottages

One of the Beach Cottages facing the sea

The Shoreline

Cottage Ceiling

Mud/Clay Spa

Feast of the Province



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