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Raven Nigthclub – Best Nightlife in Xiamen

Typically if one were to spend an enjoyable evening in Xiamen you’d be off to the streets of Wang Shan Lou where shopping and a whole line of food selection can be found. But as the lights start turning off, shops start closing, and the people start going home, there’s only one place you’d rather be as you party the night away: Raven Nightclub!

Just point to the Conrad Building which is one of the beautiful towers that standout in a continuously growing skyscraping city of Xiamen and the taxi drivers will quickly take you there. It’s not very far from Zhong Shan Lou so it’s really a great place to be in right after your food trip or touristy walk around the shopping street.

The people coming here are all in for a grand time and you can really tell the Chinese people really know how to bring out the goods! You can see a whole lot of Champagne bottles, Möet, and delicious bowls of fresh fruits served for the guests.

I can also say that Raven Nightclub has by far THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever seen in ANY nightclub! There is a whole army of hardworking staff that are just ready to clean up any mess made, also in the VIP tables, there’s a bottle service staff who focuses on making sure your glass is filled and also with an initiative not to overdo it! I noticed that he only fills the glass a little when he sees the guest already having too much to drink. Where can you find initiative and service like that in a nightclub??

This place only continues to amaze me aside from food, service, and drinks, they also have a great sound system, light system, and most importantly: VENTILATION SYSTEM!!! I know that smoking is a huge thing in China so I was already expecting some people to be smoking inside the club, what I didn’t expect was how clean the place still smelled despite all the smoking. I later got confirmation with some of the folks in the club about how they really took into consideration the ventilation system to give  ultimate comfort for the guests like me who don’t enjoy the smell of cigarettes.

CR cleanliness? Totally clean and awesome! I actually enjoyed going inside the CR because of the interesting interior design. Sad to say I didn’t take pictures inside because it would look kind of weird for me to do so.

In the three times I’ve been to Raven Nightclub, 3 out of 3 times, the experience was just awesome! People were fun (and I’m not just talking about the Raven Residents) the service was consistently great, and the music, did not disappoint at all! When I thought China was super uptight and did not know how to have a good time, Raven Nightclub showed me otherwise.

Speaking of music, did I mention that you have Filipino DJs: Scarmixxed and Frac Attack leading the tables during the prime hours of the nightclub? Definitely reasons for every Pinoy to check out Raven Nightclub when in Xiamen.

You can bet that I’ll be there again when I get a chance to visit Xiamen once more.

Contact information:

Raven Nightclub Facebook Page
ADDRESS: Raven Nightclub, 厦门世茂海峡国际广场5楼501, 361005 Xiamen
CONTACT NO.: +86 592 588 5878




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