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Dipolog boulevard sunset

Time Slows Down in Dipolog City

Zamboanga: a lot of Filipinos considered this place dangerous because of the insurgence that frequently happen in these parts of Mindanao. Dipolog City is actually the capital of the province of Zamboanga del Norte. Contrary to the fear that was reached my eyes and ears way back in my student days, Dipolog showed to me a far more peaceful city than a lot of cities I know of in the country. The Unplanned Trip to Dipolog City I honestly did not know what to expect because days before this trip I had nothing planned. Absolutely nothing. I had only one thing to set to do and that was a little mission to visit a coffee shop in the city as part of a 12-challenges mission that I was set to complete that year. Thankfully, at the last minute a friend of mine, who I have had not connected with for the past five years, replied to my message. From there experiencing Dipolog completely changed. Locals know their place best and you get some pretty interesting …