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The Underwater Sto. Niño of Bien Unido Bohol

There were some videos of scuba divers and a priest that showed a giant statue of the Holy Child and also a statue of the Blessed Mother, being installed underwater. With a lot of gullible people believing these to be miraculous and defying rules of nature, I knew better because I have been to the site myself and know the real story behind it. An hour or more away from the shores of Bien Unido, is a portion of the Danajon Bank, one of the six only double barrier reefs in the world. Sad to say this area of Bohol used to be plagued with Dynamite fishing and so the mayor then decided that in order to discourage fishermen from destroying the reef, a placement of  religious symbols was to be done. This was back in 2010. Sad to say in the time I was able to go there around 2016 the local boatmen shared: though dynamite fishermen did avoid the areas where Sto. Niño and Mother Mary, these destructive fishermen still pursued nearby reefs …

Dive Ta Bai! – A Freediving Community in the Philippines

Five years ago on the 14th of October, it was a fine Sunday when three bloggers namely Edwin, Doi, and Johnn decided to try “freediving” in the reefs of what then was Tambuli Beach Club. The three were curious about the sport of freediving and did not know much except for what they have tried to experience for themselves. After almost 4 hours in the water, they were quite spent but extremely stoked about the whole experience. With smiles on their faces, they vowed to discover more reefs and take their dives to further depths. Back on dry land, one of them decided to create a Facebook group to invite more friends who might be interested in the group: “Dive ta Bai!”. The group wanted to connect with like-minded individuals who wanted to explore freediving in Cebu. Five years later, the Dive ta Bai community has now over 1000 members with chapters in Bohol, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Zamboanga, Diplog,  Iligan, and even Dubai! Dive ta Bai! “Let’s Dive!” The group was informally created as …

Guillaume Nery

Guillaume Nery Freediving Workshop – What’s It Like?

I was running a bit late and was worried that the class was already heading to boat to begin their first dive of the day. Gosh of all days to be late! I can’t help it. The night before I was just so filled with excitement to finally meet Guillaume Nery, world-famous CNF (constant weight no fins) freediver! The order from my work came at the last minute that I shall be covering for the Dive Philippines social media, the Guillaume Nery Freediving Workshop for Mactan! Okay so admittedly this is not going to be about how I was a student of the workshop but I’d say I was able to get at least  a good portion of what the students might have experienced during the workshop so please do read on. Building Expectations Before the workshop even started I already had a schedule of the activities and they were pretty much the same throughout the rest of the three-day workshop. We got yoga in the morning with Julie Gartier, then some lecture first, dives, …


How I Started Freediving

I had no idea I was freediving Back then I had no idea that I was freediving. I thought I was just doing “extreme snorkeling”. All I knew was snorkeling and “going deep” as I went snorkeling. It wasn’t until around 2011 (or 2010, I can’t remember exactly when) that I started seeing some articles about freediving and that opened a whole new world I never knew about.