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Dear Juann, You’re Blogging Again

philippine blog awards Cebu

Dear Juann,

The Photoblogger

CD-R King tripod, metro department store lunch box for camera case, and a phased-out 90-300mm USM lens, you were The Photoblogger

It has been awhile since you stepped into the blogosphere to start sharing your thoughts and experiences. Much has changed and this “hobby” has eventually led you to a profession you never realised you’d land yourself into.

Cebu Bloggers Society

The First time I met the Cebu Bloggers Society, now known as CBSi, this group changed my life forever

Back when you started writing in your mulitply blog, you had no idea that you were blogging. All you knew was that it was writing and publishing something you wanted to share to the world.

Cebu Bloggers Society Camp out

the first ever Cebu Bloggers Society Camp out in Busay. Back when drinking wasn’t our thing and just hours of endless chikka filled our night

The blog posts you wrote about were something as random as “How to make Dumplings” which even Ellen Adarna, for some reason, commented on. You also shared your adorable attempts at poetry.

Eventually you started writing about organisations and events. Through the influence of Cebu Bloggers Society, and their battlecry of “Blogger ko Bai!” you eventually pushed up your blogging up a notch and saw a whole new side of the internet you never saw before.

Cebu bloggers iblog Summit

That one time in 2009 when Cebu Bloggers attended the iBlog Summit, it was my first time to fly back to Cebu alone

Eventually mentors like Bryan Karl, Winston, Jehzlau and many others guided you to further shape up your blog in both technical and content aspects.

Cebu Bloggers Society Digital Filipino event

Can you still name all the original bloggers of Cebu Bloggers Society? Janette Toral was one of the first key digital influencers who brought big brands into the digital scene in Cebu

Somewhere along the way you ended up writing mostly about events promotions. It was good because you enjoyed new experiences and new friends in the community. Partnering with Winston and with the support of the Philippine Blog Awards organising committee, you brought Cebu Blog Camp: a gathering of bloggers from all groups and locations.

As time went by, life happened. You made huge life decisions and everything had to come to a pause.
You stopped blogging.

This letter is a reminder. A reminder that blogging taught you many beautiful things.

 Blogging opened many doors for you.

Blogging gave you many friends.
Blogging opened your eyes and mind.
Blogging shaped you.

Cebu bloggers in Manila

Original plurkers, bloggers of the early days, lifetime friends.

After almost a year of discernment, you’re blogging again.

This is then to remind you that as you enter blogging remember the good and not the bad.

Cebu Bloggers Society

Blogging was much simpler back then, it was easy to have fun with fellow bloggers.

Write with a charitable heart.
Write because you want to share.

Do not write for evil intent, no matter how sugar-coated your intent will be.

Lastly, remember that you write because you want to tell your stories.

philippine blog awards Cebu

philippine blog awards organising committee here in Cebu!

How will you know you did it right?

If one day you will go back to your blog posts and you enjoy the memories that these posts bring back,  then you’re doing it right.

With all these in mind, do all things well Juann.
Bene omnia facere.

The (former) Photoblogger

the crazy juann

A lot has changed but god memories stay for a lifetime.

















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