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The Philippine Eagle Foundation in Davao

Philippine Eagle
Philippine Eagle

The Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi)

This has to be one of the best places I also went to Davao. It’s because this was the place where I saw the Philippine Eagle for the very first time. This is after all the Philippine National bird. Also one of the most amazing raptors the country has, endemic to the archipelago and always a sight to behold when pictures cannot give justice to this magnificent bird of prey. 

The Philippine Eagle Center

Mommy dharlz and I catching a shot before heading off

When we visited the center back in a blogger’s tour group I joined, we got to learn a lot about the Philippine Eagle and its behavior and habitat. Even if I’m supposedly a bird lover and I’ve read a lot about the Philippine Eagle, it was just so much different seeing the real deal right in front of me. The second time I saw this eagle in this same center (2015, the family was with me and still the awe  and amazement did not fade at all.

The Philippine Eagle CenterA little throwback photo from my old blog

Apart from just being a conservation center, the place is really beautiful. It has a huge fish pond with humongous fish swimming in it. You can also get a cool henna tattoo or have your picture taken with some pythons. This beautiful conservation center does not only take care of Philippine Eagles but also cater to rescued animals such as the Brahminy kites, Philippine Deers and other species.

What I do enjoy about the place is that it’s huge and has a lot of plants. It really is an environment where one can get pretty close to nature and learn a thing or two about the environment and how we can contribute to saving these National birds.

I do suggest however, calling up the center beforehand so you can get a guide to, well, guide you around.

Hopefully if I do get the chance, I’ll finally encounter the famous Philippine Eagle out in its natural habitat. Mabuhi ka Haribon!

Address: Philippine Eagle Center, Malagos, Baguio District,
Davao City 8000 Philippines
Email Address:




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