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The Sudden Boracay Trip

Boracay Beach

Boracay: One of the most beautiful islands of the Philippines

“Johnn! Wake up! We’re going to Boracay!”

My brother woke me up somewhere 8:30am in the morning and I was still feeling too lazy to get up. He already mentioned about it the day before but I thought it was rather peculiar that we would suddenly have tickets to Caticlan. I was really thinking my younger brother was gonna play a prank on me and so I decided to humor him. I got out of my bed, picked up my duffel bag and started stuffing it with whatever I thought was decent enough to wear outside the house. Wearing my universal set of travel clothing (that being my jogging pants, slippers and a shirt) and my favorite Jacket, I then set off with my brother to the city.

Mabuhay lounge

Waiting in the Mabuhay lounge for this super impromptu flight

Much to my surprise I find myself printing myself and my brother our tickets for the flight. An hour later we’re now on a plane to Caticlan. This wasn’t our first time to fly to Boracay as we did this when we were still younglings (and we barely have any memory of this occurring).

Boracay boat

Taking a boat to get to the island.

What to do in Boracay?
Caticlan to Boracay

Closing in on Boracay from Caticlan

We finally arrived and I was still in shock about the whole thing. I barely prepared for the trip and the last time I did this was when we went for a spontaneous Freediving Adventure in Apo Island with the Dive Ta Bai freedivers.

Boracay sand

Taking a walk along the long stretch of beach in Boracay. Station 1-3!

The usual to do’s bloggers gave me when going to Boracay was to check out Jonah’s Fruit shake in Station one, the grotto that was nearby, walk around D-mall, check out and buy stuff in The Talipapa, go Paraw Sunset Sailing, watersports, and the list can go on and on. I’ve been diving a lot the weeks before this and even if the sea was facing me I decided not to dive this time as I had no accompanying divers with me.

Here’s what I ended up doing in Boracay along with recommendations:

Willy's Rock Boracay

Try to visit the only grotto in Boracay beach. It’s nearby Jonah’s shake

  1. Walk the entire stretch of beaches from Station 3 to Station 1 and back
  2. Walk the entire stretch in the water 😀 Getting your feet wet feels great, and the uhm, view *wink* is great

    Dmall boracay

    Yep, there’s a mall in the beach

  3. Lie down on the beach and enjoy the sunset and other ehrm, Miscellaneous views while contemplating on life
  4. Talk to a stranger, the place is great but so are the people, you will meet anyone and everyone from all walks of life
  5. Grab a drink, any drink, and just settle down and face the sky. Be it daylight clouds dancing about, or a smooth black sky, studded with diamond-like stars, drink and gaze 🙂

    Jonah's fruitshake

    Grab a drink at Jonah’s Fruitshakes. I hear they have awesome shakes.

  6. Bond with a friend, relative, or a lover, in my case I bonded with my own younger brother, no pretensions, just being me and opening up to my lil brother.
  7. Night swimming, although it may be dangerous if heavily intoxicated, but it’s pretty safe if in the right condition since it’s rather shallow and there aren’t much sea urchins and jellies
  8. Get buried in the sand (of course not completely), with your head and other anatomical parts sticking out 😀 lotsa fun to do since the sand is rather fine 😀
  9. Sing your heart out in the open sea 😀 No one will tell you to do otherwise, liberating feeling really.

    Boracay tricycle

    Get around boracay on a tricycle

  10. Check out all those cool random sand structures everywhere before they get crushed and destroyed by the coastguards at the end of the day (yeah the coast guards “clean them up” right when the sun is setting down.

    sand castles

    Sandcastles are cool in Boracay. Gotta try making myself one of these

  11. Play beach games like tag, catch the dragon’s tail, Frisbee and more!
  12. Buy a token of remembrance, and object, be it a necklace or shirt or bracelet, that will embody the entire memory of firsts and renewed experiences (yeah cuz I’m sentimental and emo like that :P)
  13. Try out them water sports. There’s flying fish, para-sailing, and other stuff.

    Mermaid school

    While you’re at it, why don’t you enroll in a Mermaid school. Yep, there’s such a thing in Boracay

  14. Check out other parts of the island, it’s a pretty small island and plenty to check out. Don’t just stick to the beach.
  15. Dance like there’s no tomorrow. I’m no dancer but heck, that was the one time that triggered many other times of me dancing like a convulsing ostrich with two legs.

Beach, beach, beach

What can I say, people kept saying how Boracay is overrated and there’s really not much to see there. For me I can’t say that is overrated. I guess my view of Boracay has been shaped into this “don’t expect too much” mindset and indeed I didn’t expect much. Truth be told, the place is beautiful. The beach is beautiful, the water is beautiful, the view is beautiful, and even the people are beautiful! (that’s why in the Philippines there’s this thing called Boracay Body)


Yep, sandcastles everywhere, even those that aren’t really sand castles

But let me emphasize one thing. The main reason why you’re in Boracay is: beach + more. There are plenty of beaches around the Philippines but Boracay definitely comes a package deal. When you get to the beach you get a lot more than just the beach. You got the booze, the people, the party, the food, the entertainment, and the list just goes on and on, but one thing is consistent, the beach.

Sandbar in boracay

Nice sand bars just calling out to me

If you’re looking for a good beach in the Philippines, Boracay does not disappoint. After my experience there I find that Boracay is more than just a beach. It has become a place of escape. Escape from people, from events, from expectations. A place to forget, to forgive, to feel, and to be, well, free.

I’m going back there someday. That’s another story to write, but hey, this time instead of doing this impromptu trip to run away from everyday life, I will fly there because I’m running towards something.

Boracay sunset

Sunset, people, and sand, lotsa sand

Boracay, you really are one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines.



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