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The Venice Grand Canal in the Philippines

As a country, the Philippines is known for its own unique natural wonders such as mountains, rivers, waterfalls, beaches and even caves. But when it comes to malls and physical structures I tend to see a pattern of building designs aspiring to be similar to structures found in other famous cities of the world. In this particular trendy mall in the metro, we get a taste of Italy through The Venice Grand Canal Mall.

I’ve seen some friends not too happy about being another “copycat” of something that already exists but I personally wanted to check it out myself when it was still quite new. Fortunately I had the opportunity to go around when there were not yet too many people. So for this post I want to share what I observed and what I felt about the whole mall itself.

Walking around you do give a feeling that we commonly refer to as “parang wala ka sa Pilipinas” (as if you’re not in the Philippines) which is a big check mark on the objective of the developers: Megaworld, on making a facade that mimics ambiance of a place “abroad”. Knowing from my experience in Cebu’s La Vie Parisienne, the general Filipino population are fond of places that seemingly transport them “abroad”. Mahilig ang Pinoy sa abroad. (Filipinos are fond of things that are from abroad)

Personally I actually liked the mall because of the effort they went into detail with the lamps, colorful tiles, the building’s fun designs and even with an actual canal and gondolas that go around! I mean if I won’t be too critical about it and just see it as it is, it’s a nice looking place where you can do shopping, groceries, and food trips.

For food I won’t forget Ramen Kuroda which makes for a good ramen fix, then Peri-peri chicken which also is a delicious choice for some soft and juicy grilled chicken. For shopping I prefer going to Fully Booked because I am a bookworm. If you just want to stroll around then this place isn’t too bad at all.

Fast forward several months later and I find myself back there. This time to meet with my siblings and some friends. They even have more restaurants opening now! The mall is still not really filled up and I still see some shop slots that are still open for lease and I think that will open doors to more diverse choices for the mall. I also got to experience their cinema which I believe is quite superb.

Do I think I will visit this mall again someday? Perhaps I will. It really isn’t that bad. A nice photo to feel like you’re in a different country, the parking may be difficult but hey, it’s not like you’re paying to get inside the mall. Only the gondola ride actually comes with a charge. Best of all I also get to do my groceries while I’m enjoying a different scene from the usual SM or Ayala Malls.


Cluster B, McKinley Hill Garden Villas, Upper McKinley Rd, Taguig, Metro Manila
Tel: 624-1971
Mall Hours:
11:00 AM to 11:00 PM




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