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When in Cagayan de Oro, Go Somewhere Else

When in CDO and you’re looking for a fun evening, go Somewhere Else.

I had several opportunities to go around Cagayan de Oro on my own and the city has become a special city to me as its tagline “City of Golden Friendship” manifested in the many times I visited Mindanao.

Normally an evening in CDO would be spent in an al fresco setting with a band playing pop music or something soothing. Drinks on the tables would either be a bucket of cooled beer bottles or a whole bottle of Captain Morgan. Like most cities, CDO has their own signature nightlife.

Above is what I describe to be a usual night out in CDO but two young entrepreneurs with a vision for a classier and more intimate nightlife experience decided to explore a new nightlife in the city.

Somewhere Else opened back in 2015 and is home to the best club music events that Cagayan de Oro has to offer. Every now and then top DJ’s from all over the Philippines, play in this very cozy 2-floor bar/club that is in the center of a commercial building just a few meters away from Lifestyle District.

Filipinos are known to enjoy puns and local jokes so the name “Somewhere Else” was coined by the owners in order to answer the ever so difficult question asked by friends when inquiring about plans for the evening.

“Asa ta mangadto?” (Where shall we go?)

“Sa lain napud.” (This time Somewhere Else!)
The name stuck and is such a fun ice breaker for visitors who are checking out the city. You can ask any of the “in-crowd” folks in the country, Somewhere Else is the place to be. Only the coolest folks in Mindanao hang out in the club and it’s really intimate because the space is somewhere 80 sq. meters in floor area.

Interior design of the place feels industrial and minimalist relying on geometric shapes and crude elements to give a rebellious yet delightfully classy appeal. Very efficient use of construction materials if I may say.
Though they serve mainly alcoholic beverages, they also got some finger food. One that I tried and I recommend is the “animal fries”.

VIP tables are only 3k and can seat 6-8 people. You can also opt to book the whole place for certain hours of the day but you can’t block the place (unless you’ve got an event and for the right price) during their busy hours which I assume are the usual club hours. Reservations are made through: JM ‭+63 956 413 7474

This was shot around 3am already and I think I had a lil too much to drink

In the many times that I’ve visited Somewhere Else, I have never had a dull moment here and I owe it to Marian and Mikoy who are the most awesome hosts. It’s never usually a complete CDO trip if I don’t get to visit this cozy place called Somewhere Else.

If you’re looking to meet cool people, have good clean fun and listen to nice music then Go Somewhere Else, literally.

One more thing: post-drinking nomnom at some near batchoy place:



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